Wesley Black Pilots The Jet In ‘King Of The World’ Music Video

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Previous Support for Wesley Black

‘Better With You’ – First Play on Triple J Home & Hosed (Nov 22)

“WB bringing driving melodies and a thumping beat that’ll take you on his ride right to the stars. Obsessed with the vocal treatment, laden with pop textures and still leaving space for a few hardhitting rap verses.” 4.5 / 5 (Pip Rasmussen, Triple J)
[About ‘Better With You’]

“Wesley Black’s shown us he can rap but on this one he’s flexing a pop side to his brain that’s equally impressive!” 4.5 / 5 (Declan Byrne, Triple J)
[About ‘Better With You’]

“Wesley’s ‘ANGEL’ project from earlier in 2021 went fkn hard but he’s flipped it here with the driving production and melodic wash. I’m into hearing this versatility.” 4 / 5 (Dave Ruby Howe, Triple J)
[About ‘Better With You’]

“Better With You is a vulnerable track, and one that’ll resonate with both old and new fans alike.” – Cool Accidents

“… songs like OUTLAW! and Eleven are glimpses of his brilliance in its best form shown thus far, showing his craft as a multi-faceted emcee that can move between flavours and energies with ease.” – Pilerats

“OUTLAW! is a heavy mix of electronic and trap elements alongside high energy vocals with a music video full of powerful scenes and vivid imagery.” – MILKY

Swapping out his pulsing trap beats from previous releases, for laid-back acoustic guitar topped with his slickly spun lyrics, Wesley Black released his sleek indie-pop/ alt hip-hop single ‘King Of The World’ on March 4.

Black is now taking that tune to the sky, piloting his Angel Airlines plane in the accompanying music video directed and visual effects by Nathan Simich.

In all of its full airborne glory, the music video sees Black in the cockpit of a Boeing 747. After reaching cruising altitude, Black leaves his co-pilot in command. Before they know it, the plane stall’s, sending Black to cockpit to find his co-pilot unconscious. Unable to get control of the aircraft, Angel Airlines 747 descends from the skies, as they brace for impact.

Amazingly, Black manages to stumble his way out of the fiery explosion but finds, in a dream-like state he finds himself on a strange island with some mysterious company.

Following the narrative of the song which is centred around a relationship that makes one feel like the king of the world, the music video acts as a metaphor about Black finding his form again. Black states:

“The music video transports the story of the song into a new world, literally. The music video takes this to the next extreme; after experiencing great heights following creating my first EP, represented by me flying the plane of ‘Angel Airlines’, I crash violently into the unknown, with nothing to lose. Scared and confused, I pass through the mysterious terrain and find a sense of love – something to take me back to the heights and desire I know best. The video can be interpreted in a few ways, especially the ending, but to myself, I return to form and fade away in this unknown world, but somehow know everything is going to be fine.

The track has already seen support from Triple J, Triple J Unearthed (first play and Top 5 tracks of the week), AAA BackstageOut Now Magidobi radio, Livewire AU and more.  Previous releases have also seen support from the likes of Cool Accidents, Tone Deaf, Pilerats, Scenestr, MILKY, Aus Music Scene and more.

Wesley Black’s newest single ‘King Of The World’ and accompany music video are out now.

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