Useless Spaceman Release New Single ‘Safe and Sound’ Ahead of Forthcoming Debut Album

by the partae

Fully equipped with their bold punk attitudes, abstract psychedelic production and eccentric storytelling, Melbourne indie outfit Useless Spaceman are releasing their new, high-energy single ‘Safe and Sound’ (out April 1) ahead of their debut album, ‘The Marlboro Man Rides Again’ (Out April 29).

Debuting in 2016, the dynamic four-piece have been capturing attention with their zesty guitar-pop melodies, shining sonic wit and obvious mateship, leading to 2019 release ‘Brunswick West’ and then sharing the stage with such artists as The Great Emu War Casualties, Jurrasic, The Rollercanes, Admiral Ackbar’s Dishonourable Discharge and more.

Rolling into 2022, Useless Spaceman are bringing their eclectic sound to new single ‘Safe and Sound’, an animated track featuring twists and turns that rival even the most intense emotional turmoil. Powered by plucky electric guitar chords, the song begins with accented percussion and Michael Downes’ vocals, tinged with their discernable indie-rock gravel. Boasting the instrumental warmth of contended rock, the chorus suddenly expands, joined by lush backing vocals and a powerful guitar riff that runs wild with unchecked feeling.

Emotions run high in the next verse with propulsive percussion and snappy melodies, transitioning into a stirring bridge of uplifting vocal harmonies. Finally, a climactic eruption of renewed passion is punctuated by a thrashing lead guitar solo, acting as a desperate reminder that letting go ain’t easy.

Written about the dying days of a couple’s romantic relationship, ‘Safe and Sound’ details a rollercoaster ride of emotions, conveyed through the band’s witty songwriting, as they explain:

“The narrator realises the end is near and begins spiralling into a pit of self-pity, drunkenness and despair, finding their only comfort ‘on the cold and dirty ground’. Their emotional downfall culminates with a quiet moment of sensible reflection, followed by a climactic burst of renewed passion for the person they once believed would be their partner for life.”

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