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Australia’s #1 entertainment programme, The Voice Australia has revealed the final four artists for 2022 who will battle it out at the Grand Finale on Sunday, 29 May 2022 on Channel  7 and 7plus. 

Today, The Voice Top 4 finalists Thando Sikwila, Faith Sosene, Jordan Tavita and Lachie Gill  release their original songs across all streaming and download partners. To record their  original singles, each Top 4 artist had the opportunity to work alongside Universal Music  Australia and high-profile producers and songwriters, identifying the track that best  represented and complemented their unique style and genre. To close the creative loop, each  artist was also asked for input to help create their individual artwork. 

These original singles support the 2022 Top 4 finalists with the best opportunity to win over  the Australian public and spearhead their awesome The Voice performance catalogue. 

Showcasing their powerhouse vocals, the Top 4 will go head-to-head with their awe-inspiring  Grand Finale performances on Sunday night, with the crowned The Voice Season 11 winner  taking home a recording contract with Universal Music Australia and $100,000 in prize  money. 

From power ballads to pop with attitude, listen to these songs and more highlights from  Season 11 on The Voice Official Playlist HERE 

The artists comments on their individual tracks: 

Faith Sosene (QLD) 

Words You Should Have Heard  

To create an emotionally moving melody is something remarkable but to find the perfect  words, is just glorious. For me, this song articulates just that. The Words You Should Have  Heard….kind, edifying and compassionate words.” Faith Sosene 

Thando Sikwila (VIC) 

The Other Side 

This song helped me put into words what I’ve been feeling for the past few months. I have  not allowed myself to fully embrace the changes in my life because I was scared of what it  meant losing. But I threw caution to the wind because I knew what was at stake…. a bird has  to fall out of the nest in order to soar.” Thando Sikwila 

Jordan Tavita (NSW) 

100 Years From Now  

The song has a powerful personal meaning for me, it speaks of love. It speaks of how my  world, my life would be like without the love from my special someone. As the song says  “…none will divide us, or tear us apart. I will love you darling, 100 Years From Now”. That’s  how I feel in this stage of my life, grateful I share a beautiful bond that has enabled me feel,  give and express love differently and I am very protective of this love.” Jordan Tavita 

Lachie Gill (VIC) 

Wasted Time 

Wasted Time talks about the early stages of a relationship with someone. It’s exciting, it’s terrifying and can be full of amazing moments if you allow them. The main line in this song ‘Wasting time with you never feels like wasted time’ takes me to the  most romantic and fun place ever which is what I love about this song. It’s the act of doing  something that isn’t necessarily productive but not caring about that because you just want  to be in that moment with someone you’re falling for. Sometimes we need to just let our hair  down. Swim in the ocean, dance around the lounge room, drive through the mountains, take  that trip you’ve been putting off.” Lachie Gill 

The Voice Grand Final – 7:00pm Sunday, 29 May on Channel 7 and 7plus Vote for your winner here:

Artist Instagram: Thando Sikwila Faith Sosene 

Jordan Tavita Lachie Gill 

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