Chloe Styler Releases Shining Indie-Pop Number ‘Girlfriend’

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Previous Support For Chloe Styler

Finalist in the Vanda & Young Global Songwriting Competition 2021

Nominated for the Gold Coast Music Prize at the 2021 Gold Coast Music Awards

“Chloe Styler creates warm, gentle pop music that may not hit you in an overwhelming wave of noise and production, but does something even better –  captures your heart and warms your soul.” (Women In Pop)

“She can sing like an emotional, empowered angel, and has songs that she owns, lyrics of observation, heart and soul that she delivers with an intensity and commitment that make you believe she experienced the events and then wrote about them five minutes before she walked into the studio.” (Amnplify)

“Chloe Styler’s… love for storytelling is the driving force for the next chapter of her career.” (The Music Network)

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With her soul-soothing brand of indie-pop that warms the heart and delights the senses, Gold Coast singer-songwriter Chloe Styler is delivering a taste of shining dance-pop energy in her latest single ‘Girlfriend’ on May 20.

Known for her authentic approach to indie-pop that gently melds folk elements through intense storytelling, Chloe Styler has been wrapping audiences in her wholesome indie embrace since her debut, delivering multiple alluring singles that have earned her a nomination at last year’s Gold Coast Music Awards plus finalist status in the Vanda & Young Global Songwriting Competition.

Now, Chloe Styler is expanding her sonic niche in new single ‘Girlfriend’, which gleams with a deep synth shine and addictive dance-pop quality that intimately fuses with her sweetly fierce vocals. With Vera Blue guitarist Sam Telford on guitar and Middle Kids drummer Harry Day doing what he does best, the track retains a strong indie-pop core while Chloe carries the hook-filled melody with her uplifting vocals and earnest lyricism. Arriving in a euphoric whirlpool of confident pop, the chorus expands with heart reaching bass notes below swirling guitars and flying vocal harmonies, bringing forth the undeniable feeling of empowerment that comes with honest reflection and self-acceptance.

Written by Chloe Styler and friend Sarah Buckley (The Buckleys), ‘Girlfriend’ is an ode to the struggles of modern dating as Chloe realises the dating scene isn’t for her, as she elaborates:

“Dating in 2020 was already hard enough before adding in the fact that the guys I found myself talking to were either emotionally unavailable, great at ghosting, or prone to playing mind games. I quickly realised I’m more of a ‘Girlfriend’, and that I didn’t want to waste my time with guys who only wanted a casual fling. The catch is though; you have to date to become a girlfriend!”

This latest single from the indie songstress marks the third in a trio of singles released by Chloe this year behind ‘Loving You’ and ‘Where We Stand’, and with previous support from the likes of Amnplify, Women In Pop, The Music Network and more, Chloe Styler is clearly continuing on her upward trajectory towards indie-pop queendom.

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