Under The Rocks Release ‘Honest Try’

by the partae

Emerging from the picturesque landscapes of rolling hills and lakes in their hometown, Under the Rocks has evolved into one of Canada’s foremost bluegrass ensembles. Comprising Jordan Klassen on acoustic guitar, Chloe Davidson on fiddle, Chris Baxter on banjo and mandolin, and Nils Loewen on upright bass, the band creates a resonant sound that pays homage to tradition. Simultaneously, they weave in singer-songwriter elements, meticulously crafting clever and inventive song arrangements, punctuated by emotive instrumental breaks and robust vocal harmonies. Their live performances are a lively mix of dancing, laughter, exuberant cheers, and serene moments that may elicit tears or contemplative sighs of release.

In February 2024, Under the Rocks is set to unveil their second studio album, “Honest Try.” This LP showcases the band’s diverse musical sensibilities, navigating through upbeat bluegrass tunes, eclectic fiddle compositions, and contemplative ballads rich with philosophical reflections. The recording process spanned seven days in the studio under the guidance of their esteemed producer, Andrew Collins, a notable figure in the Canadian music scene who also lends his mandolin skills to the record. Miles Zurawell adds the resonant tones of the dobro to the mix. The outcome is an album that caters to a wide audience, offering high-caliber lyricism, expert musicianship, and polished production.


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