Armani White Interview

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Your upcoming performance at Cool Room in Melbourne is generating a lot of excitement. Can you give us a sneak peek of what fans can expect from this exclusive performance?

We’re bringing the spirit of Christmas into Australia! We’re gonna treat Australia to how December feels in Philly. We’re going to make sure it’s a cold experience. For me, the easiest thing across all of my performances is the energy. You know we’re gonna bring the energy. It’s gonna be a very, very fun time and going to engage with the audience, make them feel like they’re on stage and as much of a part of the show as I am. It’s gonna be a group gathering celebration like singing songs at a campfire just cold as f#ck.

There have been rumors that you will be performing inside a giant fridge at the BWS Cool Room. Can you confirm if this is true and share the creative concept behind it.

Yes, I can confirm that it’s true. God made December to be cold, so we’re gonna make it a cool room!

You’re set to release new music on November 10th. Can you tell us a bit about the upcoming release, and what inspired the sound and lyrics of this project?

The most important part of BREATHE, is the end of it.

The past couple of months I just been taking a breather and when jumping back into it, I thought this was a cool song to really highlight that moment of just taking a breather. This song is just a fun exhale when there’s a lot going on – a reminder to breathe.

I also suffer from asthma so I was having fun with my entire rhymes, game and flow and delivery. How many words can I cram in 1 one sentence or one bar? And I was just having a lot of fun with doing that. How many flows can I do? How many words can I cram in this bar? How many different styles can I flip all before like every time I just go breathe.

Looking back on your career so far, what has been the biggest highlight of milestone for you.

Going on stage with Billie Eilish for sure. That was a really big situation was like a really cool full circle moment. I feel like the whole world heard that song but it kind of connected all the people to the name and put a face to it. This is the guy who made that song.

You’ve had the opportunity to collaborate with some incredible artists like Denzel Carriac and a whole bunch of others. Are there any more exciting collaborations in the pipeline? And is there an artist you’d love to work with in the future?

I’ve been very strategic about only collaborating with my friends so everybody who I’ve who I’ve made music with thus far is one of my friends. Now the world is kind of privy and has their eyes open to a few of my other friends and now my goal is to turn those friendships just into songs. There’s other songs that I made with my homies, that I didn’t think it was that dope so it didn’t come out. But the ones that I really love are the ones that the world has.

“Billie Eilish” was a smash hit for you. What was it like to meet her in person after experiencing such tremendous success with that track, and did you exchange any creative insights?

It was dope, Billie’s fire! Our conversation was less of do you have any advice for an upcoming artist and was more like when me and Billie spoke for the first time. We’d already spoken about 5 times already. I’ve been running around the world saying her name so we gotta know each other at this point..

As we look ahead to 2024, what can your fans anticipate from you in terms of new music, projects, or tours? 

The goal is to now isolate and do one at a time. This entire year I’ve been juggling both like releasing music and being outside on the road and doing shows. The road to Casablanco is finally coming to an end, and we’re finally about to get Casablanco the project. Now we have to create the music that I want and that I love and take that out to the world. Gotta play the music to the world so the world can give it back to me. That’s like that’s always the goal.

Outside of music, what are some of your favorite activities or hobbies that you like to indulge in?

I watch old Anime shows and I play pool and go to the gym a lot, and play a bunch of video games Those are my main things.

Do you have any special plans for your visit to Australia outside of your Cool Room performance? Are there any places or experiences you’re excited to explore while you’re here?

I feel like if I don’t see a kangaroo I won’t have had a good trip – that’s the priority for me.

How do you think the energy and vibe of performing in Australia will compare to other places you’ve toured or performed?

I think the cool thing about always going to like different countries that don’t always get to experience certain artists is a much cooler experience. Australia doesn’t always get international acts. There might be a favorite song that they have and the artist may never get to make it down to Australia. So I think the fans are a little bit more appreciative every time you get down there. It’s going to be one of those sing every word type of moments, and I’m really excited for that!

Your music often carries strong messages and personal narratives. Can you share the significance of these messages and how you aim to connect with your audience through your lyrics?

My goal is always to tell my story and hope somebody can relate to it. Whether it’s me telling directly verbatim my story or finding some sort of metaphor to tell my story or telling my story from a different perspective. I always try and tell the story that someone can relate to or listen to and say you’re not alone, you know. When someone listens to my songs they’re not alone hearing that someone else is going through what I’ve gone through. I want to give them that comfort and reassurance that and a tap on the shoulder to say this too shall pass.

To wrap things up, what’s one thing you’d like your Australian fans to know about you that they might not be aware of yet?

I’m Lactose intolerant, so I hope that all the food doesn’t have cheese because I’m going to be mad. Every time I go to new country, I can’t eat sh!t because everything is cheese or dairy based.

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