TINY Returns With Heavy Hitting Single, On My Mind (feat. Amela)

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TINY Returns With Heavy Hitting Single, On My Mind (feat. Amela)

It’s been 10 years since her last official release & TINY has teamed up with her long term alt-pop star friend AMELA to create a killer single, ‘On My Mind’ that you will literally have on your mind for days to come. This song was a trip down memory lane for both TINY & AMELA, taking these two back to their roots when it comes to collaboration & songwriting.

On My Mind is a heavy hitting electronic future bass pop song produced by TINY with a killer vocal performance by AMELA. Don’t be fooled by the soft, intimate heart felt lyrics in the verses because this song packs a punch of production in the chorus. Original sampling taken from AMELA’s voice, self made synths by TINY, combined with catchy top line hooks. hard hitting bass & drums; Every bit of this song shows mastery of singing, top line writing & production by this dream team.

“I produced this track about a year ago. Originally I had written a top line & was going to sing it myself but I felt like the track didn’t suit me as an artist. So I was thinking of who would be the best person to bring on board for it. Amela was actually one of the first people I ever collaborated with. So fast forward 12 years later and I’m like, who has the right vibe for this track? Before you know it I reached out to her, scrapped my top line and sent her the track. She loved it & we did a few zoom calls to completely re-write the top line whilst I worked out of my home studio. I felt like we were 15 again jumping around both hyping each other up getting excited. 

 I absolutely love working with Amela, her attitude when it comes to writing & getting the work done in the studio just makes the whole process so awesome. In total we probably re-worked the song 4 times, we didn’t really use any referencing from other artists or producers. I felt like for us we didn’t care about how many times we had to re-write it, it was just about getting it to a place where we both loved it and we’re like yep, this sounds sick.” – TINY

“Roughly a few months before TINY reached out to me with this track, I had made a decision that I wanted to really strive toward growing my fanbase and reaching more people with my music. I was really keen on collaborating because I know my strongpoint is writing melodies and lyrics. I’d messaged TINY expressing interest in collaborating and was so happy when I received it in my inbox! As soon as I heard the song, I instantly heard a melody in my mind. I was anxious to send it back to TINY as soon as possible because I wanted to workshop some more ideas but I kept coming back to the hook “I’m keeping it together on the inside”.

 It felt so amazing to re-connect and work with TINY again after so many years. The process was really fun and natural and we were often on the same page about melodies and lyrics. It was actually so refreshing working with someone who had such a “yes-and” mindset. I felt like the possibilities were endless and we were working toward the same goal – making On My Mind as strong as it could be! I am also so inspired by TINY’s hard work and dedication toward making music and establishing herself as an artist in Australia, particularly a female singer-songwriter, DJ and producer! What an honour.” – AMELA


TINY started playing guitar at the age of 10 and writing songs from the age of 14. By the age of 17 she had written, sung and released her first album. TINY has won two competitions in Australia for songwriting (Universal Bali APRA Songsummit 2012) & Australia’s biggest DJ competition ‘Your Shot’ (Wild Card Winner 2018).
Aside from various writing sessions in LA & participation in 50 songs in 5 days (2013), some of TINY’s collaborations include the likes of Gary Go (Grammy award winner for Cinema), Louis Schrool, Audius Mtawarira, Robert Conley, Megan Washington & many more. Her previous credits include receiving an administration deal with Bill Silva Management & her first song cut in Japan by Rina Sumioka for ‘Hello Yellow’ (2013).

During 2013 TINY relocated from the Gold Coast to Sydney to study Audio Engineering & Sound production at JMC to further develop her skills as a producer and artist. In late 2014 she taught herself how to DJ & had made it a full time profession by 2015, acquiring multiple residencies between Sydney, Gold Coast & London. By 2019 TINY had made her way onto the festival circuit performing at various national and international festivals such as Snowbombing (Austria), Earth Frequency (QLD) & Splendour In The grass (NSW).

After years of developing her craft and relocating to Byron Bay TINY, has finally gained mastery in the realms of DJing, sound design, top line writing, singing, vocal production & mixing.

Recently testing the waters with her music TINY has quickly received positive attention from Radio Metro, having two of her unofficially released singles “Tell Me Lies” & “Feel You” simultaneously playing on high rotation and in heavy demand from listeners.

Amela is an alt-pop singer-songwriter from the Gold Coast, Australia. Amela comes to the forefront with impressive releases including “Blame” and “I’m Alright”, receiving national airplay on Triple J which lead to festival performances (Woodford Folk Festival) and Gold Coast Music Award Finalist nominee alongside Amy Shark.
Further successful collaborations include renowned hip-hop artist Allday sampling Amela in “Codeine 17” and “If Not Now, When?” as well as collaborations with producers including Astre and Clovr receiving over 150,000 streams on Spotify. The remainder of 2020 will see her best to come.




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