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The Partae Playlist

Saige keeps getting better in ‘Mama’

Making waves with her debut releases, Saige is ready to step into the spotlight. The Irish artist introduced her unique brand of alt-pop earlier this year and has seen national airplay, additions to leading Spotify playlists, and major online praise in the likes of Notion Magazine. Saige describes her sound as baroque-pop, a style that blends the alt-pop she loved as a teen with her musical inspirations today such as Lykke Li and The XX.

Black Sands drops halloween treat

Known for his genre-blending sound, Black Sands returns with his new darker halloween inspired single ‘Fearless’. With powerful, distorted vocals, echoey soundscapes and reverberating beats, the anthemic track creates a sense of light and shade both in its expressive lyricism and melodies. Black Sands seamlessly blends elements of Rock, R&B and Electro-Pop, all concocted to produce a flurry of magnetic energy. The spine tingling track takes many dynamic twists and turns, constructing a sound that can be defined as Nine Inch Nails meets Imagine Dragons. Its soul baring lyrics and emphatic instrumentals dramatically build to create a scintillating sonic explosion.

Punt Guns drop mind-blowing self titled album

Punt Guns’ debut album is a collection of anthem-like, electronic rock and pop power tracks, with cutting edge instrumental intervals and commanding vocals that make a striking statement. The eight track compilation is carefully mastered and constructs a fusion of dynamite sounds, with a take on warped reality and intensified feeling. Their magnetic energy never ceases, and their apocalyptic, sci-fi vision is brought to life through their musical storytelling. Building their unique brand over the past 2 years, the release of their album is a curation of innovative sounds, built to create an experience like no other for their growing base of disciples. 

Benedict drops Scratch Massive Remixes

Australian alt-pop prodigy Benedict is set to release remixes of her well-acclaimed July single ‘Warzone’. The release includes two Scratch Massive remixes, all of which further fuel the electric essence of the original track. Featuring pounding beats, pulsating melodies and Benedict’s haunting, breathy falsetto, each of these remixes channel nostalgic 80s dance-pop. They explode into an electronic kaleidoscope of sound, whilst maintaining a smooth and digestible feeling. Benedict’s lyrics allude to troubled human relationships, showcasing her sanguine ability to create original and upbeat pop tracks with emotive and authentic storytelling.

Condescending releases big hitter ‘Kansas, the Band’

Condescending is set to drop his first release of the year, a mesmerising dual track project. It features a song who’s namesake is its creator, filled with resonating guitar patterns and haunting vocals. The focus track is ‘Kansas, the Band’, offering viscid strumming and breathy crooning, portraying a heavy sense of melancholy. The experimental melodies and eerie digital sounds on both tracks give this release a textured, atmospheric feeling without being overstated. 

Random Weekend drop ‘Fire By The Lakehouse’

A fusion of contradicting yet complimentary sounds, ‘Fire by the Lakehouse’ is a production powerhouse formulation by Random Weekend. Harbouring ethereal synth, pounding beats and topped with a mixture of Breon S.Y.N.D.E.L and Pook Hustle’s distinct rap bars, the four tracks ebb and flow with energy, incorporating a plethora of alternative, intoxicating sounds that take a fresh spin on trap. Random Weekend’s genre-blending, vivid vision is projected through their exclusive sound, and their playful, adventurous nature makes for something surely unheard. 

Richard releases new single ‘Steady’

Bursting back on the scene with a fiery, magnetic blend of rap and urban pop, Richard’s new single ‘Steady’ is a whirlwind of atmospheric soundscapes. Underpinned with electro-style instrumentals, the explosive track ebbs and flows, with its climactic melodies creating an intense and sonic experience. Richard’s powerful and soul coated vocals take centre stage, as his introspective lyrics reflect on poignant topics throughout. Richard’s style has been well honed and artistically molded to perfection, with his memorable brand setting him firmly apart.

Naama Guggenheim goes long with ‘Shot In The Air’

‘Shot In The Air’ is a warm composition of soft R&B and soulful whispers, kindling a masterpiece that brims with the perfect mellifluous ambience. Laced with a jazzy undertone, the track’s dreamy melodies are enveloped with Naama’s delicate vocals, with her magical croon expressing the honesty of her lyrics in a beautifully eloquent manner. Unafraid to open up, Naama’s artistry glows with rawness and vulnerability, courageously revealing the inner truths of the heart, and building a profound connection with her listeners.

Peter Dallas drops the perfect dance record

‘Your Lover’, taken from Peter Dallas’ upcoming EP ‘The ballads of Peter Dallas’, bursts with an amalgamation of electro and synth sounds, topped with entrancing whispering vocals. The single’s echoey tone is remarkably distinctive, with its atmospheric soundscapes being sonically vivid. Formulating a sound that is hauntingly intriguing, Peter Dallas’ slick talents shine through the track’s epic flourish of vibrant and eclectic sounds.

Johnnie Darko is the UKs best kept secret

Johnnie Darko showcases his adventurous and bold talent through each of his 9 distinctive tracks, collectively ‘The Dark Night Album’. Making his mark on the UK rap, underground music scene, his style and brand is compellingly playful and slick, with every track bringing a fresh edge to his skillfully crafted compilation. Johnnie’s dynamic rap flow, striking beats and honest, relatable lyrics, forms a flood of energy, with his artistry being particularly unique. 



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