Throwaway Announce Their Sophomore EP and Release Lead Single, ‘Getting To Me’

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Single Out October 14 | EP Out November 11

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Adelaide/Tarndanya-based alternative rock and metalcore outfit Throwaway are getting at it with their lead single ‘Getting To Me’ (October 14) from their upcoming sophomore EP– ‘Weight’ (November 11).

With an album, an EP and a handful of singles already under their belt, the three-piece composed of Zak KerrisonAdrian Emili and Bailey O’Brien have left no stone unturned with this latest single. Incorporating elements from metalcore and alternative rock, Throwaway dabble with unusual time signatures and unique songwriting techniques to propel their live performances across South Australia.

‘Getting To Me’ illustrates the breaking point; the pent-up pressure boiling to burst; the eruption of emotion over a situation you can’t sleep off. The progressive rock drums provide the push and pull in the verses, portraying the shaky ground at the meltdown before regaining its pulse in the chorus. The cranked guitar tones are in line with the booming Adelaide alternative music scene, but break free from the noise with gliding lead guitar runs and rhythmically entertaining chugs reminiscent of Plini and I Built The Sky. Tastefully mastered by Callan Orr from Dream on Dreamer, ‘Getting To Me’ is another great Australian alt-rock track for fans of Hands Like Houses and Polaris.

Over the last six years, Throwaway have been working relentlessly behind the scenes writing and mixing their own music. Guitarist/vocalist Zak Kerrison gives us some insight into the lead single of their sophomore EP:

This song has a pretty classic “I’m depressed” lyrical theme. The lyrics kind of speak for themself, they’re not too deep. I was just sad and wrote a song about it. I sing about some of my experiences with insomnia, avoidance, self-harm, and loneliness. Basically everything all at once just builds up and really gets to me.

Their 6-track EP ‘Weight‘ builds further on the themes from ‘Getting To Me’ and their previous single, ‘Crisis’. ‘Weight’ explores themes that are exclusive to the modern post-internet world filled with radical conspiracy theories, the mental health pandemic and losing friends to bad habits and toxic propaganda.

The release of their 2018 album ‘Thrown Off Track’ propelled the band forward in the scene. Focus track ‘Never Learn’ has accumulated over 40,000 streams on Spotify and saw Throwaway win the People’s Choice Award twice at the 2018 Uni Adelaide battle of the bands competition.

Get your headphones out because ‘Getting To Me’ drops October 14 ahead of Throwaway’s EP ‘Weight’ set to distribute on November 11.


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