Prog-Rock Psych Outfit SOMNIUM Announce Sophomore Album and Release Lead Single, ‘Isolation Island’

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Single Out October 14 | Album Out November 18

Previous Support For SOMNIUM

“With this release, it places SOMNIUM on the top shelf of ones to watch in the psychedelic realm.”
(HEAVY Mag) [About ‘The Truth Set Me Free’]

“SOMNIUM will bewitch the senses and hurl you into a parallel realm with imaginative and offbeat gusto.”
(Hysteria Mag) [About ‘What Would You Be When You Die’]

“It’s sounding like King Gizzard mixed with your dad’s old record collection.”
(Declan Byrne, Triple J) [About ‘Truth Set Me Free’]

“As per their previous releases, What Would You Be When You Die carries a particular sound that can only be described as hypnotic. Featuring a wall of sound, this one is for the psychedelic purists.”
(AAA Backstage) [About ‘What Would You Be When You Die’]

“Australian outfit bring the same grooves as Tame Impala to their latest psych-rock romp”
(Mystic Sons) [ About ‘Truth Set Me Free’]

“The duo go from trance-inducing indie rock to slacker hippy prog within the space of this four and half minute windy, drifting rocker. Feel the breeze… Catch a wave… Dig it!”
(Stoner Hive) [ About ‘Truth Set Me Free’]

Adelaide/Tarndanya-based psychedelic prog-rock princes, SOMNIUM, present their new single and music video ‘Isolation Island’ (October 14) alongside the announcement of their sophomore album – ‘To Be Is To Be Perceived’ (November 18).

Incorporating prog-rock precision and psychedelic modulations, SOMNIUM have cast another spell on the Australian psych scene with their recent singles – ‘Truth Set Me Free’ and ‘What Would You Be When You Die’?

Their latest single, ‘Isolation Island’, encapsulates the essence of SOMNIUM; a dream, a fantasy, a vision. SOMNIUM have kept themselves busy perfecting their sophomore album– ‘To Be Is To Be Perceived’ while playing shows all over Australia. Opening for King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard in Adelaide and landing a touring support with Psychedelic Porn CrumpetsSOMNIUM have continued to hypnotise packed rooms since their inception in 2014.

SOMNIUM’s latest single is the earworm driving you to delirium. The repetition of catchy melodies, trance-inducing tremolo guitars, playful progressive drums and Australiana vocals reverberates in your head rent free.

The single is being released alongside an accompanying music video produced by Bryce Kraehenbuehl from Two Up Films. Stuck on an island, the music video explores SOMNIUM’s mind-bending journey, incorporating animated visuals that portray their mind’s eye as these castaways try to work their way off. There’s plenty of food and water but nothing to keep you entertained. Welcome to Isolation Island.

When asked about how the track came about, SOMNIUM explained:

“The track was written by James when stuck on a beautiful Greek island in a faraway village with no transport and no way of escaping the Mediterranean beach. What was paradise turned into a mental asylum as his travels got stagnant. When he arrived back home and we were workshopping the shop COVID hit us and we were writing the song whilst in isolation so it was perfect alignment.”

SOMNIUM’s latest singles have found media support from international outlets Mystic Sons (UK) and Stoner Hive (US), as well as domestic outlets, Hysteria MagAAA Backstage and many others. With radio play on 4ZZZ, Southern FM2SERRDU (NZ), Radio Wigham (UK) and many more stations, Somnium is set to shake the airwaves with ‘Isolation Island’.

Pour a Pina Colada, look up at the sun and listen to SOMNIUM’s ‘Isolation Island‘ on October 14, followed by their album ‘To Be Is To be Perceived’ on November 18.


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