The Money War Release Their Most Heartrending Body Of Work With ‘I Don’t Hear You Anymore’

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“The Money War have created a vast, enthralling, and expansive repertoire in a relatively short period of time, and ‘Somebody Loves You’ is an instant standout in their existing catalog.”
(Atwood Magazine)
“[‘Nothing’s Gonna Change’] exudes a level of positivity, hope, and love that is needed more than ever in 2020.”
(Rolling Stone AU)

“If you’ve been paying attention to the world of Australian music over the last few years, then the chances are good you’ve heard of WA duo The Money War.” 
(Tone Deaf)

“I’ve got so much time for this band and how can you deny this optimistic, hopeful warmth. It’s faith and trust is contagious, love it!”
4.5 / 5 (Declan Byrne, Triple J)


Known for their innate talent for crafting beautifully written songs, the Western Australian-based duo, The Money War, have released their heartrending new EP ‘I Don’t Hear You Anymore’ (Friday, June 23).

Infusing their music with unwavering sincerity, Dylan Ollivierre and Carmen Pepper skillfully blend elegant pop purity with the resolute spirit of indie rock and folk, resulting in captivating melodies and refined production that eloquently capture their intricate experiences.

In ‘I Don’t Hear You Anymore’The Money War demonstrates their adeptness at navigating tender stories of love, loss, change, and the desperate need for self-expression. This collection of songs, which is both authentic and relatable, allows The Money War to express their innermost thoughts and emotions as they navigate the challenges of raising three young children. Each track on the EP offers a unique and heartfelt experience, beautifully encapsulating the duo’s emotive lyricism and undeniable talent, and showcasing their profound artistic depth.

Speaking about the tracks on the EP, Dylan Ollivierre notes, “The songs are special to me because they remind me of moments in the last year where I felt desperate to express myself.” As a full-time producer who is consistently occupied with other people’s music, time dedicated to The Money War is limited. Ollivierre further explains, “Every now and then, I have this insatiable desire to create something that embodies my own vision and expresses Carmen and me as The Money War. In the past, we often had numerous songs to choose from, but nowadays, with three young kids, our time has significantly decreased. Therefore, a song only progresses beyond the ‘idea’ stage if it strongly demands to be realized.”

Fittingly, the EP opens with the celestial and laid-back energy of the title track, ‘I Don’t Hear You Anymore’. This track, anchored by gently finger-picked acoustic guitar and featuring the soothing melodies of Dylan Ollivierre complemented by Carmen Pepper in the choruses, sets an ominous yet hopeful tone, paving the way for the emotional journey that follows.

The next offering is the collaboration with Melbourne’s FEELDs titled ‘Was It Ever Really Anything?’. Seamlessly blending dreamy indie-folk stylings, this track builds upon The Money War’s signature sound, incorporating gritty blues guitar, enchanting harmonies, and an enthralling slide guitar solo, culminating in a vivid final chorus adorned with layers of vocal lines.

Redefining the rules of modern folk-pop, The Money War presents ‘Ride’, a minimalist track characterized by stripped-back guitar and vocals. Inspired by the beauty of living in the present moment, Dylan Ollivierre’s lead vocals, accompanied by Carmen Pepper’s harmonies, create a lulling and easy-going atmosphere, embodying the liberating energy and happiness found in simplicity.

Closing the EP is the beloved ‘Somebody Loves You’, an uplifting melody that radiates sincerity from the very first note. With its timeless quality, this track captures The Money War’s exceptional songwriting prowess and the undeniable chemistry that defines their partnership. Listeners will find themselves floating into the ether, embracing the affirmation of being loved.

With an impressive track record boasting over 3 million streams on Spotify and recognition from esteemed publications such as Tone DeafRolling Stone AUBlunt MagNME, and The MusicThe Money War has solidified their position as one of Australia’s finest musical acts. Their dreamy compositions and captivating performances have graced stages at renowned festivals including FOTSUNSXSWBIGSOUND, and many more.

Allow The Money War to help you find the words to express yourself as they release their enchanting 4-track EP ‘I Don’t Hear You Anymore’ now.

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