Jesse Boyle Interview

by the partae

Where are you currently based?

I’m currently living in Los Angeles! 

What’s been happening recently?

Well, a lot! I have just recently returned from Brazil and Mexico following a Chase Atlantic headline tour! It was such a fantastic experience to visit those countries for the first time and I can’t wait to go back! I also had the pleasure to release my new Short Film (UN) Justify which I’m really happy that it’s finally out in the world.

Please tell us about any projects that you’ve been working on:

Right now, I’m working on a couple of feature – length scripts which I’m very excited about. One is based off my most recent short film ‘(UN) Justify’ and the other, a sci-fi epic. Additionally, I’ve started shooting a feature documentary that I’m really excited about involving a number of incredible, talented and smart humans!

How did you get into film/directing?

I’ve always been obsessed with Film. However, I never gave myself permission to look too much into it from a young age. I kind of put myself in a box with my own self-limiting beliefs at the time and really just focused on being a musician. 

During Covid however, I found myself going through a particularly troublesome time after a special relationship ended. This is what led me to write my first short film ‘You Are The Ocean’ and deep dived into how to actually make a film myself by watching interviews and kind of self-teaching how it all works.

Best memories in directing/film so far?

I think just the ability to see the words you’ve written on paper come to life on camera is a really liberating thing. Writers rack their minds and souls when putting the words on the page and it’s a very vulnerable experience to not only have an actor embody those characters and speak those words, but also for the world to be exposed to those thoughts and feelings.

That, and also singing with Zero Gravity Management and my manager Jermaine was a really amazing feeling and I can’t wait for the years to come and see what we will accomplish together.

What are you most excited about achieving/biggest goals for the year ahead and beyond?

For this year I’m really looking forward to continuing to shoot this Documentary and get these two scripts done. I’ve also got another Short Film that I’m very eager to shoot in the meantime in which I’m currently putting the final touches on!

How has drumming in Chase Atlantic influenced your directing?

I think one informs the other. While drumming I feel an incredible tribal-ness come out and let a lot of emotional expression take reign. This creates even more room for a more vulnerable and emotional side of myself to come out when writing. 

The show also really revolves around a story and a ‘universe’ that has been created. So there’s lots of storytelling in the shows which keeps the creative juices flowing amongst all of us.

What would you like people to take away from your films/directing work?

Once someone watches a film, or listens to a song, it becomes theirs. I want them to take something, anything, out of what I make and make it their own. 

I try to create thought-provoking works that may sometimes make people feel uncomfortable. In all honesty it’s something I’m probably working through myself and this is the only way I know.

There’s a place for pure entertainment, fun and relaxing for sure, but I also think  it’s important for us as a society as a whole to sometimes absorb art that speaks on a more thought-provoking and challenging level and take moments to reflect and discuss. 

That is, after all, one of the magical things about making art and why storytelling is our species’ oldest traditions.

How is the film industry different compared to the music industry?

Well, the film industry has a lot more people at play to get something done. Similarly to music, when writing, it is a solo thing that you can do by yourself. However, shooting something takes a lot of talented people to be involved. From actors, producers, crew, the list goes on. But the bigger things get and the more elaborate you desire your shoot, the more people it requires. It’s a super collaborative medium. However, technology is so good these days you can shoot anything with a few friends and make it work with your iPhone. It really just depends on what you, as a director, see as the vision and what the best way is to execute that vision.

On the other hand, the Music world differs in this aspect, especially Chase Atlantic. The most compelling work was made in a bedroom studio and minimal overheads. Everything is in house, self produced, self written, self recorded. So getting the actual product done takes a lot less people than you would need to shoot a film.

Highlights of living in LA?

Well, i’ve been fortunate enough to be coming to and from LA for the most part of the last 8 years, so it’s always felt like a home to me. I’ve made incredible friends here which i’m very thankful for. I think the most inspiring thing about being here is the pace and the talent. Everyone you meet is really the best at what they do. The city is a melting pot of creative ideas and excellent execution and you can’t help but let that drive rub off on you.

That, and I was ordering a burger from a store the other day and Christopher Nolan was standing right in front of me. Very LA haha.

Favourite directors/influences?

Christopher Nolan and Denis Villenuce have to be my most influential currently-working directors. Their work speaks for itself.

However, when I write or conceptualize a film or screenplay, I still draw heavily on my musical brain and use a lot of score to get the juices flowing. This is where Johan Johannson’s composition work really influences my style, as well as the composer Ryuichi Sakamoto. If you’re not familiar I urge you to check out their work.

What’s planned for the remainder of 2023?

Lots. Of. Writing. This year so far really has been setting up the years to come with a large body of screenplays to draw from and concepts to develop. I want to shoot a new short as a proof of concept for another feature too which I’m really excited about.

Other than that, I will be embarking to London and Europe in September to perform at Reading and Leeds festival as well as Lollapalooza Berlin with Chase Atlantic. They’re both historical festivals and it’ll be the first time playing on both main stages, so I think everyone is keen for those!

There’s a couple of other things in the works, but that has to stay hush hush for now ;).

Favourite food and place to hangout?

I do love my local coffee shop Oaks Cafe here in LA, but I’ve also got to say the food at the new Birds Street Club is to die for. There’s also a little dive bar called ‘The Woods’ which is a great spot for a drink and hang. I should probably have a loyalty card to the place by now.



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