The Kids

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The Kids

What is your name and role within The Kids?

My name is Jagger Alexander-Erber, but just call me Jagger, or the Godfather. 
Where are you currently based?
I am currently living in Sydney. I have lived here my whole life, as well as the other 3 boys, just in different suburbs. 
How did you first start playing music?
Led Zeppelin… 
How did The Kids form?
The Kids formed in 2016 when I just turned 13. My inner system was burning with red hot rage and disgust with the world and everyone/everything around me. The only outlet I discovered to be my single healing process I could turn to was punk rock.

In a therapeutic manner, I wrote punk songs that was blatantly directed at people and things I hated or was frustrated with.

When I then decided to take the song writing seriously, I surrounded myself with my band who were and are my best buddies still to this day and we haven’t stopped since.

 What’s been happening recently and how has your Covid experience been so far?
When covid hit, we had just gotten off our support tour for Billy Idol, so instead of waiting around until things got back to at least abnormal, we all went away and thought about how we were going to push forward as a group. I had this idea in my head that I wanted the band to come out of all of this with a new sound, image, and persona. I mean we’ve already been around for 5 odd years, let’s reinvent The Kids, as we aren’t kids anymore, and go as hard as we fucking can.We all packed ourselves into a crammed rehearsal space and have written a filthy 8 track EP, that I can assure you will be the dopest and most fucked up shit to come out of Australia in a while (our first single from this long awaited EP being Go Back To Canberra.)
We took Covid as a blessing in disguise since it gave us a sort of break to slow down and figure out what we want to achieve and how to move forward as a band. 
Your new single ‘Go Back To Canberra’ is out now, what influenced the sound and songwriting?
As I stated earlier, we wanted to reinvent our sound. We have released a collective mix of songs over the past few years, but we discovered that all we really want to do is do music that we are proud of, that satisfies our needs, and if people dig that, they can dig it with us. That being a filthy fucking punk rock band. We don’t want to succumb to a cheap gimmicky sound, as we have released songs in that realm before. The band started out with the core purpose of pissing people off and expressing our raw emotions through the true art of raunchy punk rock, and that’s the image we had in our heads going into writing new material. 
How did you go about writing Go Back To Canberra?
I came in with a set of lyrics and the main ideas for the song as I always do, on our first day of song writing, and in less than 3 hours we completed the single. The song can be interpreted in anyway you like.Picture everything that is dysfunctional and down right bad about Canberra, which it is known for anyway, and that will be wrapped into one big gift on this song.
But people from Canberra don’t have to be completely pissed off (they probably are) but I’m sure there’s a few of them that know they live in a human waste dump and can feel that anger with us. 
Where and when did you record and who with?
We recorded at Parliament Studios in Leichcardt, Sydney, on the 4th of July with our beautiful producer Phan Sjarif (shout out to Phan.) 
How did you approach the recording process?
Along with a new sound and style to match our new direction for songwriting, also came a different recording style, which we wanted to pursue to be more raw.

It took us 2 days to record the whole song, we approached our parts aggressively but the process mostly inspired us all. We were heavily involved with the producing process this time round. Controlling the sounds direction, which is why the song sounds like organised chaos with a sense of tightness overlapped with a roomy sound. It’s a perfect mixture of a more developed old school hardcore song with a modern spin. The tone our guitarist William used ended up suiting the song perfectly. 

What programs/equipment did you use?
I’ll drum anything that’s in front of me. But I personally own a few drum kits, my favourite being a handmade USA wooden CC drum kit. And my primary sticks are Vater.

Our bassist Tomas uses Warwick Basses, a TC Electronic amp and cab, spectraflex cables and pickguys picks, that’s what he has been paid to say by his endorsements.

And our guitarist William uses a blackstar ht50 amp for live shows and a diesel vh40 for recordings. And he has his beautiful Gibson Les Paul on his side all time like a wife.Oh and our singer has a Samson meteor usb studio microphone.

Who are you listening to at the moment?

Well it’s funny you ask that, since I am in a crazy punk band people always assume I have a one dimensional music taste, but my taste expands to a bit of everything.

At the moment I’ve been listening to heaps of Glass Beach, Weatherday, LCD Soundsystem, Car Seat Headrest, IDLES, Have A Nice Life, Slowdive, Death Grips etc.

But my artist of the year that I can not get enough of is definitely Jeff Rosenstock, one of my all time musical heroes.And fun fact, my favourite album of all time is In The Aeroplane Over The Sea by Neutral Milk Hotel.

What do you like to do away from music?
I am a huge movie buff. There’s nothing better than watching a movie with a shit load of junk food. But I work full time for my label Riot Records doing A/R, which takes up a lot of time. But honestly everything I like doing relates back to music, it is the only thing I’m interested in doing and the only thing I’m interested in talking about. Every single day I listen to a new album, play a vinyl, I can never get enough music. I also like long walks on the beach.
Please tell us about one of your gig stories:
I would tell you about the brawl that broke out at our first show for our first headlining tour across Australia last year, but if you look up riot at teen punk show or some shit, some news website has definitely covered it. Instead ill talk about something less known.

We opened for Guttermouth at Frankies Pizza at the start of last year. We were also playing alongside Wolfpack Shred and Radolescent, shout out to those dudes.

It was are first gig of the year after being on some sort of hiatus and I had just spent two days with my singer/best mate Milan, doing nothing but staying up all night playing Call Of Duty and eating McDonalds.

With my stomach gurgling and not been placed into a gig setting for a little while, we start out our epic set to a sold out room at Frankies, which was one of the biggest crowds we played to at that time and it was going off.

We played a minor threat cover and it was one of our first ever moshes. I have always been the guy in the band that’s like the MC, in between every song I will talk and put on the whole stage act, and for years, Milan would go off stage for one song and we would do Killing in The Name with me singing at the kit. We don’t do it anymore because we’ve grown out of it  and I hate singing while drumming.

At that point in the set, I’m half naked, out of breath, sweat leaking from every pore, and it was so humid in that room that all I was breathing was hot air. I could not get a clean breath in. Especially at the back of the stage at Frankies where the drummers spot is tucked away in its little air gap.

We begin the song, the crowd hears the first chord and immediately start going ape shit. The vibe is officially hectic. But as I start singing the first verse, my stomach has reached my throat, my mouth was dry, my breaths were short, there was vomit coming up. 

“Some of those that work for-“ BLAAAHHHH 

A gross vomit splatters across the whole drum kit, and soaks both my legs.

But as a gift from the gods, my vulture father spots my struggles and douses me with some of the coldest and freshest water I’ve ever had in my life. I am instantly rehydrated. And I did not miss a beat, I continued to play the whole song and even sing a little, as a chunks of puke flew across the room.

We also did another 30 mins of our set, but I’ll tell you I don’t remember much. My head was spinning and It was a complete blur. Especially at the end for our last number where I repeatedly smacked my head into the snare drum. Great gig.

What’s planned for the remainder of 2020 going into 2021?
Well for the rest of 2020 we are planning to release a line of merch for ‘Go Back To Canberra’ and do a 7 inch at the end of the year for Xmas. But in Jan 2021, we plan to have filmed a music video and have headed back in the studio for our follow up single. So keep on the look out everyone! 
Favourite food and place to hangout?

As a band, when we record at parliament we love walking up to charcoal charlies for a massive feed.

But as a hang out in general, this may not count but going up to Brisbane to just walk around and get up to stupid shit is just the best, we find ourselves always having the most awesome time in Brissy.

But for me personally, I always hang out at Red Eye Records. I am addicted to buying Vinyl and I’m almost there everyday flicking through records, buying albums and talking music with all the dudes there. And I love pasta. Cheers!


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