Quail & AISHA

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Quail & AISHA

Where are you both based?

We are both based in Glasgow. 


Your latest EP Leatherbound – released on Soma Records – dropped at the beginning of this month, what influenced its sound?

Being forbidden from clubs and the absolute nick of 2020 has made a lot of producers ramp up the pace of techno and we think we went down a similar route with this release!

French producer Felicie is behind a huge remix of Leatherbound – how did this collaboration come about?

We were looking into a few different names around the time of making the EP – Felicie had not long released her debut on Soma and had been on our radar for quite some time before that. We both felt that her sound really matched what we were going for with the release, so it felt right to have her on board. She delivered an absolute stomper of a remix and we really couldn’t be happier with it.

When did you two start making records together?

In 2019 we got in the studio for the first time to produce a remix of a classic soma track by Equus. The workflow and idea’s we had were so similar it made sense to continue the journey of making tunes as a duo.

Do you have similar approaches to the way you produce music? 

As we have a similar taste in music that kind of draws out our collective creativity when we produce together. We generally have an idea of what we want to create when we sit down in the studio and the process is very much 50/50. We always know what the track might need, or not, and generally work fairly quickly once we have an idea going. Two heads are definitely better than one in this case. 

Once the world can dance together again, where are you each most excited to play?

We had a few gigs lined up before everything shut down so hopefully we’ll pick these back up. One particular one was with the Voxnox crew in Berlin and would be the first time we both play under the Animal Farm banner abroad together. We’re also looking forward to being back at our home in the Sub Club. We’ve missed the events in there loads during this pandemic and can’t wait to see the explosive energy of the Glasgow crowd once we return to the basement. 







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