Surrender To The Charm Of Sam Syrah With His New Single, ‘Philosophy’ Out July 22

by the partae

Sam Syrah (pronounced ‘Sah-rah’) is the vision of Brisbane/ Meanjin indie-rock/ alternative artist, Sam Shepherd, and he’s making a strong entrance to the scene with plenty of indie-rock swagger on new track ‘Philosophy’, out on July 22.

Previously a member of Daisy & The White JacketPort Royal and occasionally playing live with McDermott & NorthShepherd is confidently taking flight with Sam Syrah. Whilst a solo project, it is also a celebration of friendship, with Shepherd’s closest friends from bands including Juno and Port Royal taking up their instruments. This is the evolution of a musician who is hitting his stride with an exploration of a more personal approach to storytelling, and a sound that won’t back down.

Forming part of the upcoming EP ‘Some Things Stay The Same’ (due out later this year), in this track Shepherd invites us to walk the moonlit streets and embrace the allure of a night out with this slow-burner rock tune.

From the get-go, ‘Philosophy’ whisks you up in its unapologetically sensual sound, showing off some blistering guitar work and lyrics that dance between pining and complete surrender – but it’s Shepherd’s arresting voice that takes centre stage. The line, ‘Such a thing is hard to find’ leads into an effortlessly tantalising guitar solo that reaches fever pitch, and the surprise of a second encore for the song’s epic finale is everything the story deserves.

A tale of seduction, underpinned by the sweet sentiment of looking back on the past with fondness, Shepherd explains:

“This song is a nod to a past relationship. Acknowledging that yes, a lot went on, however, then was then and now is of course now – no hard feelings, only love and appreciation remains.”

This is just the beginning for Sam Syrah, but Shepherd is no stranger to the stage, having played BluesfestRabbits Eat Lettuce and a sold-out shows at The Zoo and Lefty’s Music Hall in Brisbane/Meanjin with Port Royal.

Let yourself get swept up in the charm of ‘Philosophy’ when it’s released on Friday, July 22.

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