Evergreener Release Their Restless New Single, ‘Deciduous’ Out July 22

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Melbourne/ Naarm punk/grunge/post-hardcore rockers Evergreener are firing on all cylinders with their new track ‘Deciduous’, which drops on July 22 alongside the accompanying music video.

The band first formed in early 2015 under the name Stand Tall, but following a Covid-induced hiatus and a member disbanding, they’ve reunited under the new name Evergreener, suitably chosen to reflect a spiritual reboot and to showcase a newer, more mature sound.

As Stand Tall, the boys were no strangers to the local scene and shared the stage with the likes of Reside, Drastic Park, Parkwood, Excuse For An Exit, Vermont, Future Static, Bukowski, Snark, and Loose End.

Here, we see them raring and ready to launch their new season with the track ‘Deciduous’.

The agitated, restless rhythm generated from the kit instantly whets the appetite, further enhanced by a two-chord soundscape from both guitars, all coming together to unleash the song’s angsty energy which rocks its way into the bloodstream. The result is grunge-inspired, yet doesn’t shy away from upbeat 90s punk-rock. The lyrics are catchy, and Matt and Corey’s refrain ‘release me’ is cathartically textured by fast-paced riffs and a snarl that proves Evergreener mean business.

The song was written about a time of inner turmoil and feeling stuck in a negative mindset, but eventually moves through that frustration to acceptance. The band says that, for them, it represents:

“A light-hearted and positive outlook on a dark time, similar to that of deciduous leaves falling from a tree, only to grow back again more vibrant than before.”

The new chapter begins with Deciduous out in the world on Friday, July 22.


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