Sunny Songwriter Dani Teveluwe Will Captivate With Single ‘Sweet Summer Nights’ Ahead Of Debut EP

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Previous Support For Dani Teveluwe

Played on Blak Out and the Breakfast Show on Triple J

‘Double Shot’ Video Premiered on The Music

Featured on Spotify’s Aus & NZ official Instagram story (104k followers) to promote ‘Movin’ On’

All singles featured on Spotify’s Original Storytellers playlist

“Dani’s voice soars like a bird in flight, taking you on an emotional journey that ’s as empowering as it is captivating.”
Grammy-nominated Artist Sally Seltman

“Dani takes that message and surrounds it with love-filled music and an angelic voice that means what it says and does what it means. A gorgeous melody with subtle feeling lets that message sink in and stay there. Compassion now has a theme song.”
(Jammerzine) [About ‘Double Shot’]

“Once again Dani’s sweeping you up with her storytelling and gentle melodies.”
(Declan Byrne, Triple J) [About ‘Double Shot’]

“Dani has a dynamic voice, with depth and soul often likened to Amy Winehouse, complemented by a delicate softness of Norah Jones. Her music is optimistic, fluid and soulful, this chick is definitely one to watch.”
(Good Call Live)

Gold Coast (Yugambeh Country) based First Nations acoustic-pop artist Dani Teveluwe (pronounced ‘tee-va-loo’) is whisking us away on a summer breeze with her new song ‘Sweet Summer Nights’, which will be released on August 5 ahead of her debut EP ‘Into The Deep’, due out on September 2.

Already adept at performing to enamoured crowds, the former teacher has graced stages with Jaguar Jonze, Loose Content, Sofia Isella and Local Safari, and has toured for her single ‘Waiting Wasting Time’ with Death by Denim and Old Mervs.

A skillful singer-songwriter brimming with talent, Teveluwe is taking flight with her optimistic, upbeat music, starting with this first release from a stellar debut EP.

Opening with a meandering acoustic guitar melody and Dani’s arresting vocals, this is an instantly uplifting and sweetly soulful tale of a summer romance. The acoustic guitar is elevated by a feel-good beat and shiny layer of electro-pop shimmer, dreamy ‘ooh’s’ and the celestial infusion of the sah u – a coconut Thai violin (played by Peranya Visitchantaragoon). Prettily playing on those summer night feels, ‘Sweet Summer Nights’ carries its intent from lyrics through to instrumentation, transporting listeners to a balmy night, dancing under a moonlit sky, embracing sun-soaked skin and welcoming the delight of a romantic encounter.

A tune that came about effortlessly as an ode to a Lana Del Rey song, Teveluwe explains:

“Sweet Summer Nights was written in ten minutes and is a pure stream of consciousness. At the time I had been playing Lana Del Rey’s Summertime Sadness a lot and had fallen in love with the song all over again. Sitting in the afternoon sunshine, the song came to life effortlessly and soon became one of my favourite tracks (from the EP).”

Teveluwe has made strides to push herself out of her comfort zone and into a life that just felt right for her. It seemed impossible at first, but feeling inspired by a David Bowie quote, with the addition of hard work, and plenty of courage, she’s reaping the rewards, and making fans across the globe, boasting airplay on 4ZZZ locally, being named a local artist to watch by Tone Deaf, and also receiving spins internationally in the US, UK, Namibia, Argentina, Brazil, Italy, Romania and Canada.

‘Sweet Summer Nights’ will be warming us up from August 5, with EP ‘Into The Deep’ following on September 2. Catch Dani Teveluwe when she supports Andy Martin at two shows on the Gold Coast (Yugambeh Country), at the Burleigh Bazaar on Saturday 20th August, and again at the Bearded Dragon in Mt Tamborine on Sunday 21st August.

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