Get Swept Up In An 80s Dark-Wave Dreamscape With Dream Dali’s New Single, ‘Wicked Sunday’

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Previous Support For Dream Dali

“‘Dream Dali always deliver a psychedelic synapse thriller for the whole family.”
(Livewire AU) [About ‘Rosary’]

“Rosary is a dynamic tune that highlights Dream Dali’s talent of forward-thinking music creators.”
(AAA Backstage) [About ‘Rosary’]

“As eclectic as it is alluring, the track features influences from gothic rock, krautrock, and even a heavy dose of psych.” (Tone Deaf) [About ‘Little Lights’]

“The track sees them take us on a tumbling fall down the rabbit hole, descending into a hollow, driving, darkwave wonderland.” (Music Feeds) [About ‘Little Lights’]

The Dream Dali sound blends reverbed guitars with droning synths and hypnotic drums into a modern blend of dark-wave psychedelia.” (Australian Musician)

“Stirring psych that gets better with each listen and had me marching on third go!”
4 / 5 (Declan Byrne, Triple J) [About ‘Rosary’]

“Not even Halloween and I’m proper spooked by this supernatural pumpkin.”
4 / 5 (Max Quinn, Triple J) [About ‘Rosary’]

“To Quote Bojack Horseman – ‘Shapes and colours this likes of which I’ve never seen!'” 
4 / 5 (Pip Rasmussen, Triple J) [About ‘Let Her Be’]

“Deep, driving psych exploration! Perfect soundtrack to a movie where a ragtag group of crooks rob a medical marijuana dispensary”
4 / 5 (Dave Ruby Howe, Triple J) [About ‘Let Her Be’]

Stream ‘Wicked Sunday’

Returning with a shiny new slice of dark-wave psychedelia is Meanjin/Brisbane-based alt-rock group Dream Dali. Their immersive new track ‘Wicked Sunday’ is out on August 5.

Turning heads with their debut EP ‘Life in Legato’ in 2021, and following up with the recent release of the psychedelic and cinematic ‘Rosary’, the group is a trio of experienced musicians who have played for artists such as Vera Blue, Daniel Johns, Kite String Tangle and Miami Horror. As Dream Dali, they have supported the likes of Phoenix, Washed Out and Empire of the Sun, and showcased at BIGSOUND in 2019.

Known for their uniquely artistic live performances, Dream Dali’s music is paired with white lighting, set to a backdrop of visuals from Dada films and black and white surrealist imagery from the 1930s, creating a truly mesmerising musical experience.

This new track further bolsters Dream Dali’s mission to immerse listeners in their conceptual multi-sensory surrealist world of cinematic alt-dance-rock. ‘Wicked Sunday’ is abuzz with crunchy synths, a drama-filled dance-rock drum beat, and satisfying electric guitar atmospheres that are unashamedly 80s. The icing on the top of this cosmic cake is the song’s evocative lyrics, delivered in lead singer Aldous Emerson’s signature dreamy style.

Alluring and hypnotic, this is a superbly catchy tune that will have listeners dancing and shaking it all off. It’s a dance-inducing triumph over heavy feelings and disappointment, as Emerson explains:

“Wicked Sunday is written about those times when you wake to a huge weight of the day. Exploring depression and trying to build yourself back up when you feel people have let you down.”

The band has inspired airplay from the likes of 4ZZZ, The Most (NZ), 2SER and many more as well as scoring features on a multitude of independent playlists including Pilerats, Music Feeds, Tone Deaf, AAA Backstage, Australian Musician, Aus Music Scene and much more.

Let Dream Dali immerse you in their sonic surrealism with ‘Wicked Sunday’, out everywhere from August 5.


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