Scott Klein ‘Comin For You’ Premiere

by the partae
Scott Klein
Ephemeral and timeless, Scott Klein combines sweet acoustics with smooth vocals to transport listeners to fantastical dreamlands. His musical composition transcends modern trends, evoking a feeling of timelessness with a sound reminiscent of the Beatles (if they were a soloist). Born and raised in Canada, solo artist Scott launches his debut single Comin for you, a true product of underground dreams and dark romance.

Recorded at Skull Creek studios with defining instrumental and backup vocal accompaniment by artists such as Leot Hanson and Greig Beveridge, as well as produced by Aspen Beveridge. At first listen, Comin for you cracks any misconceptions on solo artist debuts. It touches notes and tones that are familiar to listeners and creates a sound that has multi generational appeal.



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