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Today, 21-year-old Norwegian/Chilean artist boy pablo releases debut album, Watchito Rico via 777 Music. Listen HERE.

The highly anticipated debut album from Norwegian/Chilean multi-instrumentalist boy pablo (Nicolas Pablo Muñoz) is an ambitious, charming, and heartfelt indie-pop journey into the world of Wachito Rico. It is a hybrid conceptual and autobiographical record based on the character that is played in the visual universe of the LP by pablo with a perm. “Wachito Rico”, a Chilean expression meaning “handsome boy” and the idea of young love, is the overarching theme and a character Muñoz centered the album on. Throughout the LP, Muñoz will take listeners through the highs and lows of his alter-ego’s love story rooted in a happy-go-lucky attitude that keeps him grounded even when times are tough. But despite Wachito Rico’s presence as a character, the album comes from a personal place for Muñoz, as the songs are derived from the joy and pain he’s experienced throughout his young life. But even the heavier moments―like contemplating a breakup―are overshadowed by a lighter, Carpe Diem-esque tone.

Muñoz shares, “This album has been incredibly important for me. Myself, my brother Esteban and my brother-in-law Erik put in so many hours that I don’t think I could count them. Long nights, early mornings and exhausted days have been a big part of the process as have all the energetic and uplifting days where Erik and Esteban really brought out the best of me in the studio. I’ve loved and hated the record, laughed so hard it hurt and cried through some tough parts of the writing, recording and post-production process. I’m so proud and satisfied with the record and I hope that whoever is reading this gets the same kick of excitement and the same feeling of peace that I have when I listen to it.”

The rollout to Wachito Rico has seen boy pablo rapidly expanding his audience on the back of singles ‘hey girl‘ and ‘honey‘ as well as their serialized music videos telling the tale of Wachito. The final three installments of the music video series – ‘rest up‘, ‘leave me alone!‘ and ‘Wachito Rico’ are directed by bedroom projects (The 1975, beabadoobee) and will be released in the same week as the album.

While his career took off in 2017 with the viral hit ‘Everytime‘, Boy Pablo’s Nicolas Muñoz has since found himself more connected to his art than ever. While Boy Pablo initially started out as a project just for fun, Muñoz, now 21, has since honed a cohesive, creative vision, becoming a fully-fledged force to be reckoned with in the indie-pop space.

Wachito Rico LP by boy pablo is out now via 777 Music,
buy/stream it here.

1. hope she loves me back
2. hey girl
3. leave me alone!
4. honey
5. rest up
6. te vas // don’t go
7. aleluya
8. come home
9. mustache
10. vamos a la playa
11. wachito rico
12. nowadays
13. i <3 u

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