SAMMM. Pairs Single ‘Stronger Now’ With An Irresistible Music Video

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Photo Credit: Max Wenke (@max_wenke)

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“Sammm.’s packed this one with grooves, charisma and a pace you have tor un to keep up with!” (Declan Byrne, Triple J)

“Lovely, jangle pop paired with lyrics that have real bite!” (Caz Tran, Double J)

“Existential crisis but make it dreamy. I like the frenzied, stream-of-consciousness energy in the vocals against the measured guitars.”
(Lucy Smith, Triple J)

“It’s an emotional journey for any viewer, but also a warning that though everything may seem fine, we never really know what’s going on with those around us.”
(Blunt Mag)

“As elegant as it is angsty, the single channels the style of bands like The War On Drugs and Real Estate with ease.”
(AU Review)

“Woozy strumming guitars, lo-fi drums and sweeping chord progressions. Add to this Sammm’s perfect vocal delivery and you’ve got a hit.”
(AAA Backstage) 

“It’s a mix of slacker rock, fuzzy guitars and jangly pop that belongs on your next playlist.” (Scenestr)

SAMMM. is pairing the uptempo indie-rock single Stronger Now’ released on May 13, with a dynamic masterpiece of a music video.

Returning with his first release since his ‘Fresh Sheet Feeling’ EP released towards the end of 2020, ‘Stronger Now’ is bold and packed with all the feels alongside his offbeat slacker-pop approach to indie-rock and distinguishable punk-esque vocal delivery.

Joining forces with one of Brisbane’s rising directors, Phoebe Faye (WAAX, Nicole McKinney, Lucy Francesca Dron), this music video forefronts Samuel Geddes and his band’s charisma, edge and perhaps an air of their nonchalance in a fitting warehouse setting.

From one-shot trickery to some push-pull interactive camera work done by Geddes, the clip gives a stylish and honest insight into a bustling music video set. Keep up, because it’s ever-evolving, embellished with some chef kiss moments of creative, expressive flair that align with the track’s dynamics. Director Phoebe Faye speaks on some of her favourite moments in the clip:

“One-shots are nerve-racking because your talent needs to be captivating for such an extended length of time without missing a word or a step. I wrote two into Stronger Now knowing SAMMM. brings so much energy to his live sets. One is clockwise, to represent being stuck in a loop. The other is anti-clockwise to represent regression and relapse.”

SAMMM.’s new release has seen support from MILKYScenestrAAA BackstageLivewireAus Music SceneGC LiveAmnplify4ZZZ, Southern FM5ZZZ and much more. Most recently he support WAAX and over the years ahs performed at Brisbane’s Mountain Goat Valley CrawlYonder Festival and on bills alongside the likes of VOIID, Fangz, Velociraptor, Nicole McKinney, Loose Bricks and more. Previous releases have seen support from the likes of Rage, Double J, Triple J Unearthed, AU Review, Blunt Mag, Music Is My Muse and more.

Relish in SAMMM.’s charismatic new single ‘Stronger Now’ and music video, both out now.

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