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Following on from the release of her debut single (‘Scoop’), Melbourne songstress and newcomer Georgia Ashleigh returns with her sophomore single ‘Doing Fine’ and does not disappoint! With her uncanny ability to weave deeply personal lyrical content with melody, she exudes raw vulnerability. ‘Doing Fine’ will pick you in the depths of feeling down and sink into the depths of your brain. With intricately woven lyrics and stunning crisp production, this second indie folk single is fresh and exhilarating.


“‘Doing Fine’ was written when I was very much not fine. This was the first step (of many) to admitting that I was facing depression again and that I needed to get help. The song replicates my tendency to lean away from things that are hurting me and cover it up with sarcasm or humour. The happy melody versus the lyrical content speaks to this division between how I was acting and how I was feeling at this point in my life. I’d crafted almost everything in my life to appear fun, and easy going when it all felt the opposite.” – Georgia Ashleigh

Hailing from the Mornington Peninsula in Victoria and influenced by the likes of Angie McMahon, Ruby Fields, Alex Lahey, Merpire and Phoebe Bridges, Georgia embraces the art of storytelling and the desire to understand herself and her situations more. It’s her love of truth in songwriting and music alongside strong emotions and stories that shines so brightly through her music with her debut EP due for release in July 2022.

Beautifully crafted songs written for anyone who’s ever experienced love, loss or any anxious stage in between.


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