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What’s been happening recently?

I think I could write you a novel here, it’s been the most exciting & busiest time of my life.   Last month I bought a van, packed my whole life up & drove over the country from Perth to Sydney. It was a very grounding experience, complete solitude with the road & vast nothingness of the Nullarbor.  

Some of my biggest ups & downs lately. Moving has not been easy & especially during a time where I had internet vitality skyrocketing my socials. Only a few months ago I was entirely independent, no management, agent, nothing. Having to independently deal with the viral craziness of my campaign promoting my single “Memory” was a lot more than most. I’ve been settling into city life here in Sydney – 

I’ve made a lot of sacrifices to move here, but I’m here for opportunity, so much is going on here & I want to be apart of it. It’s time to create some noise on this side of Australia. 

How did you come to be involved with One’s To Watch?

Through my absolute legend of a booking agent Jimmy! He’s from Select Music, we got in touch after my single “Memory” started making some noise from the vitality of my socials. Love the guy, we are still yet to get a skate in together!

What are your thoughts on your experience so far?

I’m very excited to be involved, I’ve obviously heard a lot about live nation & have been told some of the names who have appeared on Ones to Watch prior – I’m keen to join the ranks! 

You’ll be performing on the 22nd of June, 2023, can you give us a little taste of what we can expect

Don’t expect what you were expecting with me… A LOT has changed with my sonics recently, I’ve been drawing more and more influence from a larger & more diverse sound. Artists such as John Mayer, Leon Bridges, Lewis Capaldi, Taylor Swift & Olivia Dean to name a few. It feels like a strange spot to be in currently, my fans & the public associate my music with a “folky” sound, well…. I’ve been banking up a new record which is a more diverse & widely appreciated vibe. I am ITCHING to get it out to the world & show everyone I mean business.In terms of on a live scale – me & one of my best mates Ben Morgan have recently been taking advantage of busking together often in Sydney. He’s an artist himself and has been accompanying my songs with extra guitar and saxophone. It’s really lifted the vibe for the live side of things, especially having the sax. This will be our first time appearing together live on a proper stage.

Who are you listening to at the moment?

Usually I listen to John Mayer 24/7 but lately – I’ve really been digging the unexpected; Kanye’s The Collage Dropout, Mac Miller Circles, A LOT of Taylor Swift – which is the exact opposite side of her history with John Mayer, also the likes of Loyle Carner, Olivia Dean & the absolute gem that is Leif Vollebekk.

What’s planned for the remainder of 2023?

I’ve got huge goals & ambitions for my career, in saying so that means never ending hard work, so the rest of this year will involve a constant hustle! As I said, I’ve been working on a new record, a 5-6 track EP which I am extremely proud of. I have all confidence that we’ve got a hit or two on the record.I am bit of a perfectionist, so will prepare everything before I can even think of releasing the next single from the record.

I have all faith in this new music can’t wait to bring my A game with my smart marketing to make my music reach millions.I hope to release this record by the end of the year, in saying so; I’m on the lookout for the major labels now, I know that the combination of their large scale amplification & my ability to create smart music marketing will be a fool proof plan to get the record out into the world & go large!

Other than the EP; I plan to do some co writing over here in Sydney, aim to support some large acts, jump on a few festivals & keep improving, learning & growing.

Favourite food and place to hangout?

Although “I’ve been around Australia a couple times or maybe more” no place feels more like home than Western Australia. I was recently back home a few weeks ago to finish recording my EP, so visited all the best food spots; Daises Cottesloe, the best açai bowls ever, Peggy’s in Fremantle, a chicken snitty sandwich to die for, & Ruocco’s Fremantle, the best Italian in town. I find my home state hard to beat, I feel very grateful & privileged to have grown up in WA.

Everything is blissfully comfortable, more friendly people & so many insanely beautiful places that are just so quiet & peaceful. Margaret River will always feel like home to me, I lived there for a part of my life & will always dream of it. But really – anywhere where the spirits are high and my best friends are with me is always the best spot to hang out! 

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