RHY and his energetic debut single: Full Grown

by the partae

Full Grown is the full throttle, dance-ready debut release from RHY; a song for those who find themselves feeling anything but ‘full grown’. A common theme throughout his music, RHY’s Full Grown touches on feelings of honest innocence and obliviousness; in this case when it comes to falling in love, and with it, the associated fear of actually doing something about it.

“This one was written a couple years ago when these things made way less sense to me.” he says, “They often still don’t, but it’s cool to see how my thoughts and feelings towards this concept shifted as I slowly chipped away at the production elements of the song.”

Full Grown features colourful synths and a bouncing rhythm, tied together by warm vocals and funky guitars; reminiscent of artists such as Panama and Roosevelt. The sense of energy and movement are fun and make not only for an infectious mood, but also an exciting inception to RHY’s solo career.

RHY says he looks forward to 2021 with huge eyes as he continues to brew new tunes and gear up to begin bringing his live set to venues around Perth.

Rhyan aka RHY is a 21-year-old Perth-based bedroom producer and songwriter. Shaped by a strange amalgamation of influences spanning many genres, RHY creates dance music that serves as a delightful blend of, and love letter to, the musicians and producers that inadvertently crafted his sound. As its most primal function, RHY’s music exists to be grooved to and melodies belted, look a little closer and you’ll find his music to be surprisingly introspective.

RHY began playing music as an 8-year-old, found the passion for it at 12, started writing it at 14 and eventually left school to pursue it at just 16. Having played for a number of Perth artists, most notably and currently alt-folk artist Michael Day, RHY has all along been actively developing a cohesive sound for his solo work, striving for a sound that’s refreshing and feel-good.


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