Emmet MacLellan Premiere

by the partae
Emmet MacLellan Premiere

“This song is about wanting to escape, codependency, and repressed anger fueling the ego/subconscious mind.  It is emotionally chaotic lyrically and peppy at the same time. (Because everything is fine.)” – Emmet MacLellan

Co-written with the song’s Producer, Adam Gallant (Rose Cousins / Paper Lions / Tara Maclean), “Fine” is their introduction to the flourishing East Coast music scene. First gaining recognition with their song “Constant” (which garnered East Coast CBC love), Emmet drew inspiration from a myriad of honest and open creative spaces.  With raw emotion, ethereal vocals, and a fresh take on indie folk – this new single is a confirmation of their unbridled talent, and (more than assuredly) bright future.




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