Reinier Zonnerveld unveils ‘CSE’ EP to mark Filth On Acid’s 100th release

by the partae
This is FOA100! To celebrate our filthiest release till date, number 100, there is Only One Way for Reinier Zonneveld to serve a solo menu consisting of his signature techno dishes with 3 key ingredients to serve: CSE. Hope you like the birthday dinner boii!

This is Filth on Acid 100 NOW!

CSE is a dark and driving techno monster with scintillating percussion, haunting vocals and trademark drums that never let up. Only One Way is a peak time cut with bright, serrated acid lines flashing about the mix as industrial drums pound away. Chord Rave is a big finale with playful drums, synths that dance about the mix and a lively and energetic feel that will uplift any dance floor.
This is a suitably high-impact EP to mark what is a historic occasion for scene-leading techno label Filth on Acid.
1) CSE
2) Only One Way
3) Chord Rave
Reinier Zonnerveld
Filth On Acid

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