Pippa Scott ‘Valerie’ Premiere

by the partae
A captivating singer-songwriter, with a voice that effortlessly weaves through genres – Pippa Scott puts her touch on “Valerie”.
Creating an immersive experience with her music, and blending elements of pop ,R&B, jazz and soul that result in a sound that is uniquely her own – Pippa draws on inspiration from personal experiences, from her upbringing in Vancouver, to her youth in Manchester, UK, to her mental health struggles with BPD (Borderline Personality Disorder) – Pippa’s songs resonate deeply, exploring themes of self-discovery, empowerment, and the importance of self-love.

“I recorded this track with a live band at Echoplant Studios and it was just such a wonderful group of musicians. Actors often say that working with other actors who are very talented actually help them to perform better. Just having that person act so well makes their job so much easier. I think the same is true – working with such talented musicians helped me to level up my game. It was an honour to be able to sing this song and put a little of our own spin on it too!”.- Pippa Scott
Gaining early recognition at 16 as a contestant on the BBC show “A Star For A Night,” and inspired by her passion for the arts, Pippa pursued higher education at The
University of Manchester before venturing to New York City. She seized the opportunity to train at the prestigious “Circle in the Square Theatre School” on Broadway, immersing herself in the world of musical theatre. And she delved into classical singing, studying under esteemed Opera singer Leah Field in Vancouver – complementing her training, she currently refines her skills with the renowned Chelsea Laing (Chersea).


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