PACES – Three Summers LP

by the partae

A lot has happened for Paces (Mikey Perry)  in the last few years. Significant life changes and a stylistic relaunch that only his closest friends might have seen coming. Breaking into our hearts 10 years ago as a producer of joyful, future bass music, his recent pivot to deeply personal pop-punk took many by surprise. Subbing-in for fuzzy synths and tropical tuned percussion were blaring guitars and for the first time Mikey’s own vocals. Last year’s single Adrift was the bellwether followed by a string of tracks that not only sounded different but played a distinct role in Mikey’s life. Rather than an opportunity for play and escapism, Perry wrote an album’s worth of remedial tunes and cathartic lyrics. “I started songwriting as a form of therapy. I ended up really loving it and wrote this whole album just for myself, never intending to show anyone. It helped me to redirect some of that negative energy into something positive.”

Written to remain private, Paces has been moved by the response to Adrift, Butterflies, Brain Got Hands and Silver Lining, the singles that previewed the forthcoming Three Summers LP.

Yet, as each of these tunes came out the response from new and old fans became more and more heartening. Paces found that opening up about interpersonal, romantic and internal struggles was not just of personal benefit but something that he could offer the world. Followings some initial reluctance, Paces is now proud of the impact he could make by being so candid. “After some encouragement from close friends, I decided to release it and I’m so glad I did. It’s been heartwarming to hear from people who’ve connected with the initial singles on a mental health level.”  An exceptional collection of intimate, intriguing and inspirational tracks, the Three Summers LP consolidates a tumultuous period into an album of bare moments and raw memories. “.. for me this album is about finding my voice, beginning a new chapter, and it’s a snapshot of where I’ve been for three summers.”  For the first time in nearly 3 years Paces will be hitting the stage for the Three Summers LP album tour. Debuting his live vocals, the string of east coast dates will be undoubtedly full of special moments. Paces – Three Summers LP is out on all platforms, 6th of October via Off Leash Records with the supporting tour on the following dates.

17th November: The Gasometer Hotel, Naarm/Melbourne

18th November: Oxford Art Factory, Eroa/Sydney

25th November: Stranded Bar, Meanjin/Brisbane

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