Chayce Kennedy Interview

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Where are you currently based?

I am based in Penticton, British Columbia in Canada.

How did you first start playing music?

I grew up with a piano in my home, and I would always fiddle around with notes, so my parents then got me into piano lessons. I eventually started looking up my favourite songs and finding the lyrics and chords, and then I would play and sing them. I have videos on my childhood iPad of me singing and playing with the iPad propped up on the piano shelf right in front of my face. The videos are pretty hilarious and precious at the same time. Good memories – haha!

What’s been happening recently?

For the past 7 months, I’ve been working on my 5-song debut EP ‘Yours Truly’ with Brian West and Ryan Stewart. It’s been a very exciting and inspiring time recording music and being in the studio working with such talented producers.

I just released the first single off the EP, “Mr. Super Fine”, and the rest of the songs will be released over the next 6 months .

Your latest single “Mr. Super Fine” is out now, what influenced the sound and songwriting?

I wanted to create a fun-loving story with a bubbly, very pop sound.

“Mr. Super Fine” is influenced by young love and my experiences with it so far. I’m only 19, so I don’t have tons of experience, but what I do know is the feeling of meeting someone new and having the feeling of curiosity, being hopeful, and excited. It’s such a fun feeling finding someone you click with and hoping they feel the same way and want to keep getting to know you.

How did this single come about?

I was sitting at my piano in my studio just fiddling around with chords and melodies and then randomly came up with the line “Mr. Super Fine, when can I call you mine” and thought that was a pretty good catch line so built upon that.

What does “Mr. Super Fine” mean to you?

“Mr. Super Fine” means someone who I feel like is my Prince Charming. In the moment, when you just meet someone, everything feels so shiny and new. You don’t know much about this person, but what you do know is how you feel around them. Nothing is complicated yet, it’s just exciting. So to me, “Mr. Super Fine” means the feelings of fun, exciting, hopeful young love.

Where and when did you record/produce/master?

I recorded “Mr. Super Fine” in April in Vancouver with Ryan Stewart, who produced the song. It was mastered by Bradley from Mr. Smith Productions.

Please tell us about your experience with producer Ryan Stewart:

I’ve worked with Ryan Stewart before and he’s always such a pleasure to work with. His studio environment is relaxing and comfortable and it’s such an inspiring space. He is super organized and we get down to creating right away and the process is quite quick when things are rolling.

Ryan is very creative and it’s very cool seeing him put the beat to the song and all the additional sounds to make it come to life. The whole studio experience is amazing and I love it so much.

How does this track fit in with your debut EP that’s coming in 2024?

My EP “Yours Truly” targets many subjects such as body image, mental health, some young love as well as some of the struggles with love.

“Mr. Super Fine” fits well in my opinion as it’s a fun loving, happy track that brings some light to the EP and contrasts some of the other more serious topics.

Any live shows coming up?

Yes! I am beyond stoked to be opening for the Juno Award-winning Good Lovelies on October 26th at The Creekside theatre in Lake Country.

How has Taylor Swift inspired you to play music?

I went to the 1989 tour in Vancouver with my mom and Taylor put on an exceptional performance. I saw the way she interacted with the crowd, her stage presence, her energy, and the whole environment was surreal.

I knew after watching that concert and seeing her passion for music come alive and light up the stage that I wanted to pursue a career in music.

Who are you listening to at the moment?

At the moment, I’m listening to Tate McRae, Taylor Swift as always, Sia, and Jamie Fine to list a few. I’m always listening to many artists though.

What’s planned for the remainder of 2023?

For the remainder of 2023, I’m performing at venues throughout the Okanagan, planning and filming music videos for the next singles getting released and – as always – writing new music!

Favourite food and place to hangout?

My favourite food is probably fries. My favourite place to hangout would be either the beach during the summer with my friends , or if I’m by myself, it would definitely be my home studio.

TikTok: @chaycekennedymusic
YouTube: @ChayceKennedyMusic

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