NuBass Interview

by the partae

Where are you currently based?

I’m based in London, United Kingdom and have been all my life, can’t really imagine living anywhere else currently! 

What’s been happening recently?

I have literally just landed back from my Australia/New Zealand tour where I was away for a couple weeks so feeling a bit rough as that journey shouldn’t be underestimated! Had such an incredible time so well worth it. 

You have a new collab with Michael Sparks called ‘Magic Carpet’ – out Aug 4th, how did this collab come to be?

We’ve spoken about it for a while since we both supported each other’s music at shows. I managed to meet Michael when he was over in London last year and since then we’ve done a few tracks together, with “Magic Carpet” being the first one we release. 

Please tell us about the song writing process:

The idea was originally Michael’s, started out as a general melody idea that can be heard in the final track with some drums. I took this idea and added my own take on it, added some more of my bass sounds, drums and musical elements to tie it all together. Finally Michael added some vocals which are actually just processed vocals he did himself and think they turned out great and captured the vibe and energy instantly. It was actually a very easy process! 

What or influenced the songwriting?

It definitely takes Middle Eastern influences which is quite a strange one for both of our previous work. We were keen to create something different and approach this track from a different angle to usual – it’s maybe not exactly what people would expect a track between us to sound like! 

Where and when did you record/produce/master and who did you work with?

We both live either side of the Atlantic so in person production wasn’t possible for this. Michael sent be stems (individual parts to the idea) and I put them into Ableton on my end. From there I added all of my production and sent it back to him for final mastering. Again, all a very streamlined process and find the less you go back and forth on ideas, the better the final outcome. 

What does this track mean to you?

This track means a lot in the way that it’s a different take on bass music to usual with the Middle Eastern elements and unique sounds we made for it. Also on a personal level it’s always great to make tracks with people that you genuinely have friendships with and push each other musically. Also with it releasing on Spinnin Records, probably the biggest and most renowned dance music label globally, it gives it the best chance for success. 

Please tell us about your shows in OZ + summer touring:

The Australia and New Zealand shows were up there with some of the best experiences i’ve had. It’s always a bit daunting travelling to the other side of the world to a new audience and not knowing exactly how your music and shows will be perceived but I was so relieved to see such engaged and knowledgeable crowds who genuinely loved the music. Adelaide at Electric Circus was a special one for me especially after seeing the club and engaging with them since pre-covid, it was always a target to play there one day and it didn’t disappoint – dark, sweaty, intense lights, huge sound system. Absolutely everything I love! 

What can we expect from your live shows?

My live shows are based around my music, whether that be released or unreleased specials for shows. I also play lots of music that influences me from other producers I love such as Knock2, Chris Lorenzo, TS7 and anyone pushing out the best bass music. Depending on the situation I also delve into some of my other favourite genres such as Garage, Dubstep and Drum & Bass where I have more freedom to do so. Expect high energy music and crowds! 

Please tell us about your collaboration with AC Slater:

I don’t think it’s any secret if you follow my music that the track is a reworked and revamped version of a remix I did for shows of Missy Elliott “Lose Control”, a track I absolutely love and needed to do my own NuBass version of. I played this at shows for about a year and posted on social media but never had any intention of releasing. AC and I have been good friends for a long time through his label Night Bass and have been speaking about doing a track together for ages. 

He was keen to have a go reworking the track into an original and he did a great job adding his unique sounds and offering a fresh take on the structure. Kaleena Zanders was the final piece to the puzzle who recorded vocals over the top in person with AC in Los Angeles and it all came together great. 

Any other new music on the way?

I have a collaboration with Legacy out in September on Night Bass – always love releasing on there as they give me a lot of freedom to try new sounds regularly. That’s a more groovy house track with big switches in the drop to heavier bass music, another very unique track! 

Aside from this, I am working on my first studio album, not many details worked out yet but already have a few tracks finished and the general concept is coming together. Really excited to get it finished! 

Who are you listening to at the moment?

Within bass music, I usually listen to Knock2, MPH and Hamdi at the minute. I actually tend to stay away from listening to too much music to stop myself aiming for other peoples sound and go more into Drum & Bass – really into Jungle at the moment and the older gritty style to it. Definitely influences some of the sounds and grooves I use. 

What’s planned for the remainder of 2023?

I’m playing in Japan for the first time in a couple of weeks. That will be incredible! Otherwise there are a few more shows to round up the year here in the UK and Canada announced for the moment but lots more to share soon. Away from touring, I am planning to get really stuck into production again as travelling has meant that lower on the priority list so I can hit the ground running in 2024. 

Favourite food and place to hangout?

Always Asian food, Sushi, Thai Green Curry, Katsu Curry – anything with rice and spice. Here in London, it’s with friends and family on the weekends. I’m not out of the country catching up over a/several pints at the pub!

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