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Indie singer songwriter Neeko returns with her first single of the year, ‘How Deep?’ – the stirring title track of her anticipated debut EP. Weaving folk-laden pop melodies that gently buoy listeners into a state of utter serenity, Neeko sees music-making as a deeply cathartic practice. Her debut single ‘Deep Sea Diver’ was released independently last year, captivating audiences with its siren harmonies and spacious production that uplift Neeko’s impressionable voice as one to be celebrated. Now, the rising artist is thrilled to share the track’s sister release, ‘How Deep?’ and announce the exciting news of her forthcoming EP of the same name, just around the corner.

No stranger to the Melbourne music scene, Neeko has played countless shows around the country, sharing stages with the likes of Danika Smith, Allysha Joy, T Honey (aka Maple Glider) and even the Grammy Nominee Eric Roberson. Outside of her solo project, Neeko has performed backing vocals and contributed to an array of local outfits, including most notably playing drums in Melbourne psych rock outfit, Tomgirl. The band have been billed on prominent lineups such as Strawberry Fields and have supported industry heavyweights, Mildlife and GODTET among others. We had a chat with Neeko to delve into the inspirations behind her new single, dream collaborations, her various improvisation pursuits and what she’s got coming up on the horizon.

Hi Neeko, congratulations on the release of your new single ‘How Deep?’. Can you tell us a bit what this song means to you?
This song is a very personal love song and reflects a very specific time for me in a break up journey. It was a moment of feeling overwhelming love and joy.

How did the song come about and who did you record it with?
This song came pouring out one night as the feelings of such intense love were too overwhelming not to be expressed! Literally could not contain it in my body, hence the song was born. I recorded this song with my dear friend Jonathan Collins in his bedroom studio.

Have you always made music? When did you start?
I have definitely always loved music. I was always singing when I was a kid and was always forming little bands with friends. It wasn’t until I was 19 that I started playing guitar and that’s when I really began writing songs.

How would you describe your sound?
I have explored many different sounds in my song writing journey, but at the moment the songs that have been coming through are more intimate folk-like songs that tell a story. The aesthetic of my recorded music is very centred around the backing vocal arrangements which is my favourite part of the recording process! I absolutely love creating vocal arrangements. 

You started the improv women’s showcase BLUME (Boss Ladies Under Musical Elevation) in Melbourne back in 2017 and another jam night in Alice Springs in 2018. What do improvisation and jam sessions mean to you, and how important is collaboration?
I love this question! I feel very strongly about improvised music because I feel it is how I have learnt how to play. I remember in the beginning of my musical journey going to friends’ parties where there was jamming going on and I longed to be a part of the jams but found that I had SO many insecurities to break through to feel like I could. It took a long time before feeling comfortable with feeling uncomfortable basically. I then became super passionate about creating warm and nurturing musical environments for people to be able to break through their own fears as I did. I firmly believe that music is for EVERYONE and you don’t need to be a virtuoso to play. For me, collaboration is an essential part of how I grow musically. 

List a few of your top dream artists to collaborate with or perform with and why.

I would love to collaborate with Moses Sumney! His backing vocal arrangements inspire me so much. Would also LOVE to collaborate and perform with Jacob Collier! I feel we share a similar philosophy on music and he just seems like the biggest sweetheart!

You’ve only had one other release under your solo project Neeko, with your debut single ‘Deep Sea Diver’ last year. How does ‘How Deep?’ compare to this and what evolutions has your music taken on over time?

These songs are most definitely connected. How Deep? is the antidote song to Deep Sea Diver. I recorded Deep Sea Diver in my room last year which was a really beautiful intimate experience. I have very limited knowledge about recording so it is much more lo-fi than How Deep?. Recording with Jon definitely allowed me to create a bigger sound that I would not have been able to do on my own.

What’s next for you?

I have another single coming out in October before dropping the whole EP in November which I’m very excited about! I would love to be touring this music next year but I guess we will have to wait and see given the current state of the world. Fingers crossed for us all!

Finally, where can we stay up to date with future Neeko releases? Plug yourself!

You can find me on instagram as @neekomusic which is where I post all of my upcoming things. If you would like to check out my music head on over to Spotify or if you want to purchase my music go to and buy a song for only $1.50!

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