Naarm/Melbourne duo Skydeck share sophomore album Coupon

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Naarm/Melbourne duo Skydeck share sophomore album Coupon

“Hooks! hooks! Hooks!”
Declan Byrne via triple j

“Tinny pop informed by paranoid post-punk and inspired by the state of Australia today.”

“Intelligent lyrics drift above the grooviest of bass lines, only to be halted by an obscure swirl of fuzz or a distant glitch. Every detail counts.”
Deafen County

Skydeck Coupon

1. Dogshot
2. No Change
3. Guilty Of
4. Salt
5. Gut Guilt
6. Original Sin
7. Uptight
8. Plastic
9. Anthony

Buy Coupon on 12″ vinyl


Naarm / Melbourne-based indie duo Skydeck have released their anticipated sophomore album Coupon, available now on limited-edition 12″ vinyl and digitally via Dinosaur City Records, Osborne Again and Kingfisher Bluez.

Listen to Coupon and buy limited-edition 12″ vinyl HERE.

Skydeck is the project of Mitchum Clemens (Ciggie Witch) and Dom Kearton, joined live by Liam Parsons (Good Morning), Dainis Lacey and Ambrin Hasnain (Cool Sounds). Taking inspiration from cold, post-punk sounds of the 1980s, the band makes use of FM synthesis and the bright, clean and sometimes artificial sounds it provides, contrasted with distorted guitars, motorik drums and upbeat basslines.

Coupon, the follow-up to 2019’s Australian Music Prize-nominated Eureka Moment, was written and recorded in early 2020, with the duo physically separated throughout the entire process: one in Mexico, the other back home in Australia. Writing the album was as much an artistic endeavour as it was a way to stay connected with each other over long distances, with songs and ideas acting like letters back and forth via countless email exchanges and phone memos.

While Eureka Moment gestured towards an anti-capitalist sentiment, Coupon sees the band less focused on observing society’s issues from afar, rather reflecting on their own involvement within them.

Praised by radio, media and fans alike, Skydeck have garnered attention from NME Australia, VICE, Milky, The Music, Mindies, ToneDeaf and Bandcamp (New & Notable) among others, with rotation across FBi Radio, SYN, RTR, Edge Radio and 2SER, plays on triple j and adds to influential Spotify editorial playlists ‘The Local List’, ‘Fresh Finds: Rock’ and ‘Fresh Finds: AU & NZ’.

Coupon opens with the album’s lead single ‘Dogshot’, which sees Kearton battling with the idea that the ever-increasing convenience of gig economy platforms and startups are forcing people to abandon their morals on an almost daily basis, and is followed by previously released tracks ‘No Change’, which explores the idea of hegemonic power and privilege that is perpetuated by inaction, and ‘Guilty Of’, which sees Kearton plead guilty of ingenuity as an adolescent, over muffled synths and a bouncing bassline.

Further internal struggle can be heard ‘Gut Guilt’, in which not wanting to express unnecessary opinions becomes a weak excuse for complacency and silence.

‘Original Sin’, originally titled ‘Duolingo’, opens with a synth line recorded on a synth app on Clemens Nokia, and features a 20-second soliloquy courtesy of Eva Lazzaro, who you may recognise from Eureka Moment’s ‘Cryptic Bassline Project’, while closing track ‘Anthony’ is a love song for a close friend of Kearton and Clemens’, heavily inspired by Snowy Band’s ‘Love You To Death’.

The etymology of the word coupon can be read as ‘something that helps you cope’, a fitting title for music made by two friends trying to stay connected and make sense of their place in the world together.

Coupon is out now via Dinosaur City Records, Osborne Again and Kingfisher Bluez.

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