Nat Vazer – Is This Offensive And Loud? debut album out today via Hotel Motel Records

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Nat Vazer - Is This Offensive And Loud? debut album out today via Hotel Motel Records
“Spilling over with warbling indie guitars and lashings of reverb, ‘For A Moment’ shows off Vazer’s unparalleled songwriting talent and a knack for a catchy chorus. If you’re on the hunt for a local act reminiscent of Lucy Dacus or even Julia Jacklin, put Vazer on your radar.”  – Will Brewster Mixdown Magazine

“Nat Vazer probably makes friends wherever she goes and does so with ease. We don’t personally know her, but every one of her songs is genuine and relatable. When she sings, we listen because she bears her heart and soul to us. If the tables were turned, she would probably listen intently and only speak when asked. She’s the musical equivalent of your best friend.” – The Revue


Is This Offensive And Loud? is Nat Vazer’s debut album. The Melbourne-based artist has created a world of hazy guitars and lilting oohs to accompany her intimate confessionals.

The title is taken from a lyric in the opening track “Like Demi”. Early in that song, there’s a line “I would ask them ‘why’?” This little line captures Nat’s attitude as an artist and a person – she isn’t afraid to ask questions, point out uncomfortable truths and wants to challenge the status quo, calling out racism and the patriarchy. She also calls out herself, admitting to selfishness, obsession and self-doubt. Whilst lighting a fire and forging the way ahead for a future she wants to see, she still stops to thank and recognise those who have come before her to pave the way.

From Nat Vazer:
“Over many late night walks in the city of Toronto, and lying in basement apartments with a guitar, I wrote this album after I quit my  9 – 5 job in Melbourne and went to live in North America for a while. Being away from home allowed me to focus on self-recovery and to re-discover the sense of wonder that fuels me as an artist. During this time, the songwriting often poured out like streams of consciousness, pulling me towards new directions and new ways of self-expression. At every turn, the making of this album has asked me to follow my paths of curiosity, to surrender to my intuition and learn to be more unapologetically myself. To that end, the songs on this record expose some of my deepest insecurities and there are moments of self-reflection I’ve never been more honest about. There are songs about my mum having cancer, falling in love with a work colleague, and worrying about how long my partner will love me for while I tell the world how “we fucked in a hurry” ‘cause we’ve been so busy lately we haven’t been able to spend meaningful time together. There are moments of heartbreak and vents about broader world issues, looking at how unreal it feels to be living in a time where Trump is in power, high school mass shootings are common headlines, and things like the Toronto Van Attack* keep happening, including in my home city, Melbourne. 

We recorded in a small room above a guitar shop with my producer Robert Muiños (Julia Jacklin, Saskwatch). Going for an organic live sound, my band and I were altogether in the one room with no isolation booths involved. I wanted to remain open to the possibility of anything in the recording process, and so we entered the session with open mindedness and a sense of play that allowed for new and exciting sounds to emerge. Playing together in that room – I think there was a special kind of energy we were able to capture. The record was then mixed in London by Ali Chant (Aldous Harding, Soccer Mommy).

The making of this album has been a turning point in my life and has inspired me to continually push boundaries as an artist, and to pursue the ideas I believe in with conviction. I hope you enjoy the record and  perhaps recognise some part of yourself in there too.”

Although the 2020 coronavirus pandemic has interrupted Nat’s Australian tours, she has already live-streamed for AIME, Isol-Aid and Reclink (as a player for The Rock Dogs – the musician’s team for the annual charity Community Cup).To date, she’s supported #1 Dads, Lime Cordiale, Carla Geneve and Last Dinosaurs, and appeared at Kyneton Music Festival, Changes and St Kilda Music Festival. Recently lauded by Richard Kingsmill on 2020, her tracks have been added to Unearthed, Double J, FBi, 2ser, Triple R, PBS, 4ZZZ and more, as well as highlighted by BBC producer Louise Mason on Manchester’s Reform Radio (oh she live-streamed for them too).

Is This Offensive And Loud? LP is out now
Limited edition vinyl now available through Hotel Motel Records.

1. Like Demi
2. For A Moment
3. Higher Places
4. Better Now
5. Grateful
6. Mother
7. Floating On A Highway
8. Holding On
9. Sunlight

Recorded in a room above a guitar shop in Collingwood, Melbourne.
Produced and engineered by Robert Mui​ñ​os
Track 5 co-produced by Nat Vazer
Mixed by Ali Chant
Track 6 mixed by Robert Mui​ñ​os
Mastered by John Davis

All music and lyrics by Nat Vazer
Tracks 4 & 5 lead guitar written by Andrew Campbell
Track 8 lead guitar written by Andrew Campbell & Nat Vazer

Performances by:
Sean Newall – Drums
Andrew Campbell – Lead guitar
Fiona Steele – Bass
Robert Muiños – Percussion, lead guitar (5, 7, 9), bass (9), synth (4), backing vocals (5, 9)
Nat Vazer – guitar, piano, synth and vocals

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