Artist and rapper Zheani releases autobiographical project, ‘The Zheani Sparkes EP’

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Artist & Rapper Zheani Releases Autobiographical Project The Zheani Sparkes EP

Australian rapper, songwriter, and artist Zheani has today released her highly-anticipated The Zheani Sparkes EP. The record takes an autobiographical perspective focusing on dark memories from her childhood but is opened and closed with a silver lining of melodic trap that drips with positivity and escapism. On the project, Zheani stakes a claim to her background, with the lyrical content driving home harsh realities that shaped her and formed the woman she is today.

Speaking on the release Zheani states:

“With The Zheani Sparkes EP, I aimed to provide context after a year of being relentlessly picked apart and judged online. I wanted to dive back into embarrassing memories that I have for the longest time suppressed and through a process like alchemy, transmute them into music. My hope is the project will help me finally resolve and leave these memories behind and also help others that have gone through similar experiences feel less alone.

With the Zheani Sparkes EP I take a past that I was ashamed of and stake a claim to it knowing it made me the woman I am today. A woman that I am proud of.”

The eight tracks on the EP feature a blend of industrial and acoustic rhythms, highlighted by Zheani’s raps that showcase her blunt Australian accent, an element to her sound that is different but works. It begins with ‘Lava’, a uniquely “Zheani” sound often described as “Fairy Trap” combining Trap motives with elements of Art Pop and whimsical themes. As the initial tropical fantasy of ‘Lava’ concludes the project quickly morphs with nostalgic punk, emo and metal motifs and that’s when things start to become much darker.

A major part of Zheani’s essence is the connection she has to others who have grown up in similar circumstances. Showcased first in ‘2002 (The Hook Is A Prayer)’, she sings eerie autotuned vocals reminiscent of nursery rhymes “And if you relate to what I’m saying, my heart breaks for you.” This empathy carries through the EP with similar notions portrayed in tracks ‘Dirtbike’ and ‘I Won’t Sell My Soul.’ While Zheani makes her vulnerability prominent, you also catch a glimpse of the brashness and strength she has on the riotous ‘Skitz Cunt’ and comical fairy trap closer ‘Yippie-Ky-Yay.’

The visual element of the album is just as important as the songs themselves, depicted in videos for ‘I Won’t Sell My Soul‘, ‘DIRTBIKE‘ and ‘Dirt On The Name Of Steven‘ created DIY in collaboration with Artist Mik Shida.

Zheani makes uncompromised art – her raps are raw and unfiltered, her photos are censored by social media, and her music videos are performance art pieces that push both limits and buttons. She is staunchly DIY with a punk-rock mentality to her approach of art and music.
ZHEANI – The Zheani Sparkes EP [EP]
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