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Following on from two strong EP releases that established himself as an artist to watch, lo-fi dream pop producer Soft Powder returns with brand new music to bolster said momentum heading into 2022.

The Melbourne producer’s new single ‘Running Through The Dark’ is an ethereal and captivating slice of music – exemplary of his natural ear for sonics and talent for weaving together different strands of music together in creating something contemporary and fresh.

‘Running Through The Dark’ is an accomplished step forward for Soft Powder, who is continuing to flourish as a composer, songwriter, engineer and producer.

Inspired by Hong Kong and Taiwanese New Wave cinema, as well as lofty ‘80s synths and guitar lines, ‘Running Through The Dark’ conjures up images of lit up cityscapes and neon-infused nightlife. A blend of nostalgia and something more crisp, more now – the single represents a chase for relief amongst the chaos.

“‘Running Through The Dark’ echoes those moments when your mind spins, everything’s a blur, and it feels like you’re spiralling out of control. It’s about frantically searching for a “spark” to make the anxiety disappear, despite not knowing when or where this “spark” will present itself. It’s about becoming obsessed with this idea of momentary relief.”

Soft Powder, the moniker of Andy Szetho, has been creating these lo-fi dreamscapes and garnering attention for them since the release of his debut EP Shangri-La in 2018.

Having grown his artistry as part of alternative rock group Storm The Sky, Szetho was able to develop as a musician and songwriter in Australia and overseas for eight years, charting with albums Permanence and Sin Will Find You, achieving great success.

Emerging from the group into a solo spotlight, Szetho engaged with a new creative rhythm and from there, the Soft Powder profile began to grow: shows alongside the likes of Pinkish Blu and Egoism, a tour of China and a subsequent EP in Faber Ria would follow. Music that centres on themes of identity and belonging, Soft Powder’s music has remained intensely personal and yet, inviting.



“Forget rainy day music, this is good gear for a rainy life. The washed out mood is hypnotic and a fitting match for drizzle on your window.”
Dave Ruby Howe, Triple J Unearthed (‘Can You Look Inside My Head?’, 2019)

“Big ponderings on this immersive jam from Soft Powder.”
Declan Byrne, Triple J (‘Can You Look Inside My Head?’, 2019)

“…immersive lo-fi pop that brims with otherworldly sounds, introspective themes and tasteful 80’s production…”
Trouble Juice

“…in a period where lo-fi appears more and more like a trend, this sincere song distills melancholy, nostalgia and wonder without hiding behind any fake filters. Only pure feelings here.”

Running Through The Dark is out now.
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