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Abi Muir immediately hooks the listener with goosebump-inducing vocals reminiscent of Ariana Grande and Billie Eilish, leading the listener on a modern indie pop journey. Her latest single “Still The Same” is a perfect example of why. “Still the Same” features a 2000s indie-pop vibe, taking listeners back to the Y2K era, telling a familiar story of a person seeing an old lover after a long passage of time. Dramatic strings with a powerful drum line and piano support the emotive vocals, communicating the feeling one has when realising the passage of time and the effects of change. 

The song’s vocals were recorded at The Plutonium, Brisbane, with producer Aidan Hogg, who also provided mixing for the track. The instrumentation was provided by David D’Amore on drums, Peter Bullis on keys and Kyle Rohan on Guitar/Bass. All 3 are incredible creative musicians who also play as part of the successful progressive rock/post-hardcore band Forest. After hearing Abi’s demo’s, they brought their skills to collaborate with Abi on crafting the tracks. Mastering for the track was provided by Ben Feggans, Studios 301.

Abi Muir describes the inspiration for the track as, “Still the same was inspired by a book I read where the character became immortal and lived many different lives but was still the same person on the inside. I wanted to tell this story in song and communicate the emotions and feeling of time passing, watching people you used to know grow and change, whilst you as the observer feel the same, standing still in time.”

Despite being so young, Abi Muir has already managed to collect an incredible amount of accolades to her name! Her debut single, “heebiejeebies”, recorded in her home studio, quickly gained her a large following and caught the attention of industry professionals. Abi has an International win in the Unsigned Only competition as well as being a Finalist in the Queensland Music Awards. Abi’s highly anticipated debut EP is scheduled for release early 2022, so definitely keep an eye out for this future indie pop sensation.

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