The Partae playlist – Louis Centioni

by the partae

1) Amy Stroup – In the Shadows

Delicate vocals, gentle piano chords and haunting lyrics.

2) Jordan Rakei – Eye to Eye

The structure of this song is great especially the opening build up to the hook of ‘we don’t see eye to eye’. The constant repetition makes you feel as if you’re going around in circles.

3) Weiss – Feel My Needs

Great dance track, great production.

4) Jaz Karis – Pretty Lover

Heard this first in a Starbucks in New York and loved it. Simple but effective production, catchy lyrics and soulful vocals.

5) Alicia Keys – In Common

Spellbinding track. I love how Alicia uses her vocal positioning in this song especially in the chorus.

6) Jorja Smith – Wandering Romance

I love the bass line in this. Such a great people watching song or train travel vibe.

7) NAO – So Good

Class duet, the best part of this song has to be the thick synth loop that carries through most of the track.

8) Leikeli47 – Attitude

Sassy, jumpy and great lyrics.

9) Banx & Ranx & Ella Eyre – Answerphone

This is one of those songs where you only need to listen to it once and instantly love it, and every listen is like the first one.

10) Louis Centioni – Unsure

Last but not least my first offering ‘Unsure’. I love the drum patterns and lyrics to this song, when I wrote this I wanted to talk about being in the early stages of a relationship, in hindsight knowing that potentially the other person isn’t the best for you.


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