LA-based Duo VOÍLA Releases Debut Album HAPPY NEVER AFTER Featuring New Single “Cursive” ft. Kellin Quinn

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“melodies that are equal parts cathartic and freeing”

-1883 Magazine

“Happy Never After doesn’t let you catch your breath when the darkly seductive riffs of “Cursive” take hold, bringing in Sleeping with Sirens’ Kellin Quinn to add an edge that cuts twice as deep”


LA-based pop rock duo VOÍLA unveil their debut studio album, Happy Never After, out now independently. Featuring the fan favorite “Drop Dead Gorgeous,” and the band’s current single “Cursive” featuring Sleeping With Sirens’ Kellin Quinn, the album is the product of producer and multi instrumentalist Gus Ross and actor/musician/model Luke Eisner’s creative outlet of writing / recording and releasing singles throughout the pandemic. Listen to the full album HERE.

“This is the culmination of everything we’ve wanted to make musically since we met 8 years ago,” explains Gus. “It has taken us 4 years to establish how we sound. (Luke & I wrote a full 14 track album before this one that led us to be in a position to write this one.) I love melody & Luke loves lyrics. My voice notes consist of nothing other than obnoxious humming until Luke finds a line to bring them to life. We could’ve put 40 songs on this record but we felt that 21 was the magic number. We’re almost done with the next one…”

“The title track “Happy Never After” was a song we wrote almost 5 years ago in Gus’ dorm, it was my dads favorite song before he passed,” Luke states.  “We played it as an unreleased song opening up for Ke$ha in my hometown 4 years ago. In other words, this record feels like an era of love, loss, and lessons that both Gus and I went through together as we grew up only to realize we never want to grow up at all. Lyrically I pulled lines from songs I wrote as far back as my high school bands and musically I pulled influences from all the nostalgic emo bands that lit the flame inside of me to medicate myself with music and music alone. From writing Kellin Quinn’s lyrics on my bedroom wall to hearing him sing lines I’ve written just reminds me of how incredibly blessed life has been to Gus and I to be able to put this out.”

Luke Eisner and Gus Ross make up the L.A.- based pop- rock duo, VOILÀ. Respectively from Wisconsin and London, the two combine authentic production, emotive vocals and magnetic lyricism as a duo. They released their debut album “Happy Never After” on October 7th and in the last year alone, their monthly listeners have tripled (currently at 1.2M) and they are streaming over 1.7M streams each week completely independently. With over 80 million streams on their music to date, their music has seen the tops of Spotify & Apple playlists and Global Top 25 on the Shazam charts. After success on Spotify and BBC radio, the band drew eminent praise from the likes of Billboard, Pandora, Ones to Watch, and more. In the past three years, they have supported the likes of Kesha, The Fray, X Ambassadors, and Walk the Moon. Their new project has co-writes & collabs such as Aaron Gillespie (Underoath) & Kellin Quinn (Sleeping With Sirens) and they have been closely collaborating with Kevin Thrasher (Escape the Fate), Cameron Walker (TWINXL) & Jordan Witzigreuter (The Ready Set). As writers & producers, they currently have songs released w/ & in play with multiple major label artists including Faouzia, Forest Blakk, Kiiara, Jojo Siwa, Sigala, and more, and have over 800k combined followers on band and individual accounts.

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