Kwasi Surges With An Energetic And Unapologetic Fervor In ‘Ready To Go’

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‘Self Sabotage’ Added to Spotify’s Fresh Finds AU & NZThe Drip and sadboi hours
“Look no further for your emo/hip hop fix. Kwasi and Congrats nail the balance so perfectly.” (Dave Ruby Howe, Triple J Unearthed) [About ‘Self Sabotage’]

“Emotions, grit and late night confessions all collide on this one!” (Declan Byrne, Triple J) [About ‘Self Sabotage’]
“…infectious albeit moody banger that is both nostalgic and refreshing.” (AU Review) [About ‘Self Sabotage’]

“An endearing blend of influences based on early 2000’s nostalgia, Kwasi creates guitar-fuelled pop-punk infused with trap stylings.” (AAA Backstage) [About ‘Self Sabotage’]

Naarm/ Melbourne-based artist Kwasi, has emerged as a force to be reckoned with, captivating audiences with his raw and boundary-pushing sound. He is now unleashing his new single ‘Ready To Go’ on Friday, May 26.

With a creative alchemy that knows no bounds, Kwasi’s music combines the fiery energy of punk-rock with the luring essence of alternative hip hop. Kwasi’s lyrics and production reflect his deep admiration for rap and hip hop, resulting in a unique sonic experience.

Kwasi’s career has been marked by groundbreaking collaborations and remarkable achievements. From his 2022 release ‘Self Sabotage’, featuring Congrats (Ben Stewart of Slowly Slowly) and produced by Hamley, to the trailblazing ‘Aura Glow’ in 2018, which showcased his innovative artistry alongside Allday and GracelandsKwasi has continuously pushed the boundaries as an artist.

Now, Kwasi is set to release his highly anticipated single ‘Ready To Go, an anthem that encapsulates the spirit of overcoming life’s trials and tribulations through the power of music.

The track surges with an energetic and unapologetic fervor, while simultaneously maintaining a laid-back and introspective vibe. With poignant lyrics that address themes of isolation, confusion, and heartache, ‘Ready To Go’ invites listeners to shake off life’s stresses and embrace the cathartic power of music.

‘Ready To Go’ is a testament to Kwasi’s distinctive sound and creative vision, showcasing his mastery of blending sweeping melodies and fiery beats. Contrasting frantic energy with the cool, calm and collected, this multifaceted track has Kwasi’s fingerprints all over it.

Throughout his career, Kwasi has shared stages with renowned artists such as 360Banks ArcadeEvangelineGenesis OwusuCongratsIllyAllday, Sophie GrophyD12M-PhazesXzibit, Hopsin, and Yelawolf, solidifying his presence in the music industry.

His music has received widespread recognition, earning support from influential platforms such as Spotify, playlisted on Fresh Finds AU & NZThe Drip, and sadboi hoursTriple JTriple J UnearthedAU ReviewAAA BackstageScenestrAUD$, and more have also embraced Kwasi’s raw, authentic, and imaginative artistry.

So get ready as Kwasi releases ‘Ready To Go’ on Friday, May 26.

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