EIMHIN Unveils Hauntingly Beautiful Single ‘The Lough’–A Reflection On Life, Loss and Undying Love

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“I like when Eimhin swirls to life and gets you dizzy.”
(Declan Byrne, Triple J) [About ‘Lately’]“Eimhin’s lyrics dance along the optimistic tune, delivering honesty and grace while sweeping listeners up in a land of indie-rock intoxication.”
(Blank Street Press) [About ‘Lately’]“Quaint, mystical, charming indie folk that borders on glistening pop melodies”
(Scenestr) [About ‘Lately’]

“‘Lately’ is a bright and emotional tune with delicate acoustic guitar work and a rich vocal delivery. It quickly builds into an uplifting indie-rock vibe that is sure to lift your spirits.”
(AAA Backstage) [About ‘Lately’]

“Dulcet guitar melodies glisten throughout the track, rippling within sparse and atmospheric production that builds towards a moving chorus.”
(Milky) [About ‘She Met My Eyes’]

“If this one doesn’t give you chills, I’d suggest checking your pulse.”
(Sounds Of Oz) [About ‘She Met My Eyes’]

Gold Coast/Yugambeh Country-based artist Eimhin, pronounced Ev-an, returns with his captivating new single, ‘The Lough’, set to release on Friday, May 26, ahead of his first international tour through IrelandNetherlands and Germany. Known for his ethereal indie-folk/rock sound, Eimhin’s music delves deep into the human experience, crafting poignant melodies that resonate on a profound level.

Eimhin’s musical journey is a testament to his diverse background and unwavering artistic vision. Drawing inspiration from his Irish folk heritage, he embarked on a path that traversed musical theatre, original bands, and an exploration of genres such as punk rock, hardcore, glam, and emo.

Since debuting in 2022, Eimhin has embraced a fresh artistic chapter, blending his multifaceted influences into a distinctive sound that captivates hearts. Through gender non-conforming fashion and vulnerable songwriting, Eimhin fearlessly expresses his authentic self, pushing boundaries and inviting listeners into a world of introspection and self exploration.

Now, ‘The Lough’ builds upon the artist’s foundation of heartbreaking honesty and musical whimsy. The track delicately weaves a tale of love, loss, and the secrets we keep to protect one another.

Slow burning, with its haunting guitar melody and poignant lyrics, ‘The Lough’ reveals this captivating narrative, steadily building in intensity and emotion. As the melody gracefully unfurls, the track crescendos with percussion, harmonies, organs and more to a powerful ending with an impact that lingers long after.

‘The Lough’ unravels the nature of Eimhin’s grandmother’s death while touching upon the profound impact it had on his own mother. The song reflects on the echoes of his grandmother in his mother’s features, mannerisms, and outlook on life, celebrating the unbreakable bond that transcends time and space. Eimhin speaks on its deeply personal significance:

“’The Lough’ is about the nature of my grandmother’s death, but it’s about my mother too, and the secrets we keep to try and protect each other. There is a poem by Helen Steiner Rice that was chosen for my grandmother’s prayer card at her funeral called “When I Must Leave You”. The sentiment is such that one should keep on living even in the face of the grief that comes with the death of a loved one. That’s where I drew the inspiration for the end of the song.” 

Eimhin’s real, raw and honest stories continue to resonate with audiences and critics alike. His enchanting music has garnered attention from influential platforms such as Double JBlank Street PressScenestrAAA BackstageLivewire AU, and more.

Prepare to immerse in the hauntingly beautiful soundscape of Eimhin as he unveils ‘The Lough’ on Friday, May 26.

Eimhin’s International Tour
June 5 – Brú Bar, Cork
June 6 – Darkley Kelly’s, Dublin
June 7 – Wheelans, Dublin supporting Niamh Dunne
June 11 – Róisín Dubh, GalwayNetherlands:
Amsterdam – TBC
June 21 – TivoliVredenburg, Utrecht
Berlin – TBC
Leipzig – TBC

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