KRUMPLE KRINK releases escapist inspired, psych-pop single ‘CONNECTED TO DISCONNECTION’

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Photo by: Eva Burkhardt @forevaart_music


Blending elements of psych, indie, pop & rock, Perth based multi-instrumentalist and producer Krumple Krink has today unveiled his final release for the year, aptly titled ‘Connected To Disconnection’. Astutely recognizing the escapism sought by all humans, in many different forms, it’s set not to critique or offer comment, but merely to recognize that we all participate in games of escapism, to journey away from the mundaneness of our day-to-day lives. This point of connection sees Krumple Krink use layered sonics, uneasy sounds and vibrant, electrical instrumentation to build a world for audiences to find their own moment of escape. 

Recorded at his home studio in Perth, and produced entirely by himself, Krumple Krink worked to layer multiple tracks of instrumentation to find just the right textures and timbre for the track. After finalising production, he then teamed up with the esteemed Rob Grant of Poons Head Studios (Tame Impala, POND) who handled the mixing and mastering for ‘Connected To Disconnection’. The result, a thick and layered sonic world, that still cuts through with sharpness and brightness throughout. 

“The song is about escapism. It’s not looking to say anything about escapism, just pointing out its existence in every single person’s life. For each person, that escapism takes a different form. Sometimes that form is positive to our lives, sometimes it’s not. But we all participate in games of escapism from the mundaneness of our everyday lives. “Connected To Disconnection is meant to sound electric – like it has little shots of energy travelling in it” Krumple Krink

“Connected To Disconnection rides the line between chaos and calmness, blending extremity with serenity to give a feeling of intense bliss. This song has a lot of layered sounds, which work together to create a unique, excited yet easy-flowing texture. I recorded it at my home studio over a few days, looking for a blend of animated sounds that fight for your attention.” Krumple Krink

To accompany the sonic soundscape of ‘Connection To Disconnection’, Krumple Krink was able to work with two flow artists, Charlotte Noonan & Shelby Jewel, using fire and LED props to create a background set light show, in front of which the two performed. Desiring to absorb the viewers’ attention as much as possible, the video continues to draw upon escapism to absorb audiences and transport them to another realm. Filmed by Ward Media, with incredible lighting by Seton Douglas-Smith (Orion Audio Visual) the video features an animated laser show, which Krumple Krink will be incorporating into future live performances, alongside the track.

“The experience of shooting the music video with Ward Media was deeply inspiring and felt like a sort of escapism in and of itself. The immersive music video coupled with the song is supposed to absorb the viewer’s attention and transport them to another place, which I think serves as proof of what the song is about – escapism. I spent a large portion of the video shoot getting carried away at the prospect of the lasers and constantly asking for more lasers.” Krumple Krink

Emerging from Perth’s melting pot of indie & psych inspired artists, Krumple Krink is 22-year-old musician and producer Yannai Goldberg, Having made a name for himself in the United Kingdom as a guitarist & busker, his style of percussive guitar carried him across to Perth, Australia. With strong praise from Rag Talent & Happy Magazine for previous single ‘Fear of Death’, the guiding touch of acclaimed producer Rob Grant (Tame Impala, POND) is sure to lead Krumple Krink to the forefront of psych-experimental songwriters in Perth and eventually, across Australia.



“As though he were a musical magician, KRUMPLE KRINK skilfully fuses seemingly-opposing ideas, feelings and genres into one song; creating an effortless, sonically-soothing masterpiece that pulls from a myriad of influences.”

Happy Magazine

“Krumple Krink brings on a crisp and colourful approach to psych-pop with an array of gorgeous textures. There is a sense of being a part of something bigger. It feels warm and welcoming and it’s impressive how it can do that so quickly. All this becomes addictive and infectious and really makes you want more from [this guy].”

‘Connected To Disconnection’ is out Wednesday, November 9th

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