HOLLY ALISON serves up party-ready earworm ‘DOING BETTER’ ft Ramzie

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Central Coast artist Holly Alison makes a welcome return with a supercharged new single ‘DOING BETTER’. The track oozing with pop-trap vibes was written after she endured a toxic relationship, it’s her most confident release to date. Ramzie features on the song thriving in his unique rap swagger.

“The song was written about a psycho ex-girlfriend who used to tell me I would never get any better than her (insert emotional damage tik tok trend haha). My best friend actually warned me away from her early on but I didn’t listen. Then all throughout the relationship I was told to get out of it but silly me just kept rolling with it. When I finally got out of the relationship, I realised how toxic it was. I also HATED that I lost myself so much in the relationship and felt like I couldn’t stick up for myself so it was my mission to chuck a Taylor Swift and write a break-up song that had a positive swing. When I wrote the song, I had also found MUCH MUCH better sooooooo she was wrong haha.”  Holly Alison

‘DOING BETTER’ with its intoxicating blend of club beats and polished pop hooks had a dream team bringing it to life. Holly once again teamed up with her friend, Australia’s newest R&B superstar producer, songwriter and singer Boy Soda on her release. 

I started with the thought process of creating a song which allowed me to speak my mind out loud. It is something I didn’t really have the balls to do in my previous relationship so I thought why not write a song instead haha. I then messaged Brae (Boy Soda) and asked if he was keen to write with me. We wrote 2 songs together, one of them being DOING BETTER.” Holly Alison

 Completing the entire demo in Boy Soda’s home studio on the NSW Central Coast, Holly sent the track to renowned producer Liam Quinn (Peach PRC) that night. 


“He was super keen to jump on it so we organised a session together. Initially the song didn’t have a bridge, however, during the session we realised it would sound SOOOO SLICK with a rapper in it. So we added a bridge in! Liam suggested a few people who it would suit, and so we ended up contacting RAMZIE. RAMZIE hit back immediately and sent through an initial DRAFT. I LOVED it so we put his rap in. The rest is music history!” Holly Alison

Single Art by: Jordan Leonard

Holly Alison has been consistently ticking off personal milestones over the last year achieving over 650K streams on Spotify alone,  40k streams on YouTube and triple j airplay.


“This one just embraces you and is so comforting and feels so right.”

Declan Byrne, triple j

This is the kinda pop you listen to when you’re cooped up in your bedroom, dreaming of a new crush, pouring over the pages of a diary. 

Gemma Pike, triple j

‘DOING BETTER’ is out Now!

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