The Kraken launches the After Dark project

The Kraken Black Spiced Rum has collaborated with upcoming Aussie music artists on the perfect playlist for the twilight hours.

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The Kraken Black Spiced Rum has announced the launch of the After Dark project, a collaboration designed to connect up-and-coming Australian artists, through their stories told through lyrics and melodies.

The Australian arts industry has been decimated by COVID-19 and continues to suffer through ongoing restrictions. To help support the music industry, The Kraken has teamed up with five up and coming Aussie artists to curate the ultimate playlist, After Dark, hosted on Spotify.

Artists including genre-defying Jackson Brazier (@jxn_), Moutaiz Al-Obaidi, (@motez), Jerome Farah (@jerome.farah), Steve Cousins (steve_cousins_music)  and Toby Nicholls (@nerve.mp3), have selected a mix of music that represents the moody and mysterious moment of Australia’s twilight.

The playlist imitates dusk with a subtle hint of brightness and melody, engulfed in darker, edgier beats and basslines. It’s moody and auspicious, urging listeners to make peace with chaos and change.

The artists sat down with The Kraken to discuss the impact of COVID-19 on the music industry and how the shift in focus created a new source of inspiration.

Motez, Adelaide based record producer, musician and DJ, said his focus shifted when the reality of the pandemic hit. He took that time to create a completely new body of work titled ‘Soulitude’, made up of five emotive, ambient, electronic compositions which stemmed from his newfound state of isolation. Motez’s hunger to give back to his fans heightened as he continued to push the boundaries and explore new sounds and ways to produce, releasing what he calls, his most exciting work yet.

Motez noted: “It was hard to pick only a handful songs for this particular playlist as it’s my favourite time, where the darkness creates the promise of an exciting night. I love how music can reflect that through a melody engulfed in darker, edgier beats and basslines, it’s sensual and filled with promise.”

After Dark features both local and global artists, and includes the exciting new release, Nintendo, from R&B and pop music singer-songwriter-guitarist and internet personality, JXN. His inspiration for the new song drew on how he feels played by a romantic partner. A true reflective moment, drawn from real life events, that was written during twilight.

Brisbane rapper, Nerve, selected music to show how global music can be appreciated all over the world, and how people can connect through great sounds that breaks .

Nerve stated: “It’s awesome to partner with Kraken and celebrate homegrown Australian talent. I think what’s exciting about the playlist is that Australian music is standing on par with international artists. In the next few years, we will see a lot more eyes and ears focus on music from Down Under, especially from the hip-hop space.”

By honouring some of Australia’s hottest up and coming talent, The Kraken hopes to bring people together during twilight, to enjoy their favourite local music and reconnect over an ice-cold refreshing Kraken and Dry or Kraken and Cola premix.

After Dark playlist:

The playlist has been designed to be experienced during twilight, when the atmosphere is only partially illuminated by the sun. A time when there’s only enough light left to illuminate the surroundings that are slowly fading away and brining the promise of an exciting night. Similar to the twilight occasion, The Kraken has character, independence and mystery.


Available to purchase: 

The Kraken, Black Spiced Rum premix range is available for purchase from BWS, Dan Murphy’s, Liquorland, First Choice and all good bottle shops nationwide.

About Talent 

Jackson Brazier (@jxn_)

Jackson Brazier, who performs as JXN, is an Australian R&B and pop music singer-songwriter-guitarist and internet personality. After making an impressive debut in 2018 with the launch of his first single “Solitude”, JXN followed up with the releases of “Red Lights”, a collaboration with New York rapper, A  Boogie Wit Da Hoodie in March last year and “Going Off” featuring Bronx rapper, A$AP Twelvyy, followed by breakup jam “Just Okay”.  He returned in September this year releasing his undeniably catchy single “Cotton Candy” which received strong playlisting support from Spotify, landing in Get Popped, Fresh Finds, New Music Friday and Pop n’ Fresh as well as New Music Daily, New In Pop, Bedroom Pop and Pop in Spatial Audio from Apple Music.

Moutaiz Al-Obaidi, (@motez)

Moutaiz Al-Obaidi, known professionally as Motez, is an Australian record producer, musician and DJ. Motez was a refugee born in Iraq and moved to Adelaide in 2006. Motez’ soundscape pushes the boundaries of your regular club producer.

As the reality of COVID-19 hit, Motez’ focus shifted to a completely new body of work titled ‘Soulitude’. Five emotive, ambient, electronic compositions that stemmed from his newfound state of isolation. The EP showcased a brand-new side to Motez’ ever-evolving production capabilities and was premiered through a grand sunset live-performance stream. Expect Motez to continue pushing the boundaries as he explores new sounds and ways to produce what is his most exciting work yet. 

Jerome Farah (@jerome.farah)

Jerome Farah, is an Australian rapper. Farah co-wrote and co-produced “Waiting” with Kian before releasing his debut single in 2020.

Toby Nicholls (@nerve.mp3)

Brisbane rapper and producer, Nerve, wears many hats and has mastered many sounds. His multi-pronged approach to hip-hop has made him one of the most versatile and talented artists in the space, widely expanding his sonic portfolio with each release. Nerve spent his early days rapping over boom-bap beats, before delving into the world of grime where he spat comfortably in viral cyphers alongside legends like Alex Jones, Fraksha and Diem.

2021 saw Nerve release his most diverse project yet in ‘Tall Poppy Season,’ an EP which saw him further incorporate melodic vocals and vulnerable themes into his repertoire. Lead single ‘One In A Million’ saw him hit high rotation on triple j, while ‘Walk & Talk 4’ also topped the YouTube trending charts.

Steve Cousins (@steve_cousins_music)

Based out of Phillip Island Victoria, Steve Cousins is a new wave loop artist. Specialising in vibrant live multi-instrumental looping with unassuming vocals, sultry guitar and violin solos and an energetic shoeless on-stage presence that is always looking to keep vibes high. With influences ranging from Matt Corby to the Jungle Giants and Ocean Alley to Tash Sultana, his love for music and life shine through in his unapologetically honest approach to song writing and performing.


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