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“Kimbra: confident, self-actualized star and feminist pop warrior”
Interview Magazine

“The pop anomaly has gone on to prove that she is more than just a feature,
but an all-around powerhouse on her own terms”

Office Magazine

“Kimbra Johnson has achieved chart success the old-fashioned way:
through sheer hard work”

Sydney Morning Herald

“An artist revelling in her broad creative capabilities as a vocalist,
songwriter, collaborator and producer

Double J

Two-time Grammy award winner Kimbra announces her new podcast ‘Playing With Fire‘ in partnership with TalkHouse. The new interview series will see Kimbra diving into deep and intimate conversations with fellow creatives. The first three episodes are out today and feature conversations with MitskiBethany Joy Lenz, and Jedidiah JenkinsLISTEN HERE.

For the debut drop, Kimbra sits down with fellow artist Mitski to discuss primordial chaos as a catalyst for creativity and the power of error to lead them toward connection, with Lenz to chat about deconstructing old faith traditions, rebuilding ourselves in the light of our new experience and acting as an exercise in presence, and Jenkins discuss the weight of generous curiosity, stepping outside of exclusionary thinking and our society’s obsession with certainty.

Produced by Kimbra herself, ‘Playing With Fire‘ is a podcast that explores the topic of TRANSCENDENCE and how it manifests in people’s lives. Kimbra will ask a musician, an author, an actress, a priest and a best friend what transcendence means to them and how it has changed the way they live and work. For some, it’s found in the ecstatic, grand and psychedelic moments. For others, it’s hidden in the ordinary, and seemingly mundane. ‘Playing With Fire‘ is an exploration into the unknown, the intangible and the simply intoxicating path of seeking. Kimbra also explores her own experiences of transcendence, giving us further insight into her own process as a songwriter and producer.

The podcast launch comes on the heels of Kimbra’s upcoming album announcement – A Reckoning, set for release in 2023, which seeks to explore themes of vitality and aggression by channelling anger and protest, into forces for good. The album will highlight the role of the Feminine in restoring balance within all people, the planet and our internal reckoning with conflict. It is the story of a woman wrestling with the softness and strength within, and the search to integrate, assert and articulate the complexity of her experience.

This exploration of an inner world serves as a larger commentary on our need to ‘reckon’ with our own shadows before we can see change as a human collective. Perhaps a counter-narrative to the American dream, A Reckoning hints that our greatest tool toward peace, change and equality is the allowance of pain. It advocates the necessary and urgent belief that the Feminine in each of us and the mothering of one’s pain is the missing catalyst to rise.

Playing With Fire the podcast by Kimbra is out now, listen here.

Save Me‘ is out now, buy/stream it here.

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