Arches Releases ‘Nothing Lasts Forever’

by the partae

Arches are Australia’s hottest new musical group boasting exciting genre-bending tunes, high-octane live shows, and a purposeful visual direction that is impossible to ignore. Comprised of Mason Rowley and Samuela Naborisi (now Meanjin | Brisbane based), Arches have already managed to stir an ecstatic hype around their music, leaving Australian listeners wanting more.

On October 21st Arches will be releasing their brand new single “Nothing Last Forever”. They wrote this song on a little writing trip when Sam and Mason rented a small airbnb on a farm in rural NSW. A lot of our mates had been going through breakups at the time so we thought we’d write this song for them. But it’s a harsh reality that we all have to face at some point. Not just in relationships and dating, but literally every human experience. Everything we have and will have comes and goes eventually, including us. So we wrote this song in honor of the human experience to remind us that really nothing lasts forever.

Both Far North Queensland raised and with Polynesian blood in their veins, Sam and Mason share a burning passion for musical performance and production. When Mason approached Sam in late 2021 and asked if he’d be interested in starting a new duo, neither of them had any idea that their skills and strengths would combine to make music so unique and exciting, the likes of which Australia has been dying to hear. Listen to any one of the Arches singles to date and you’ll instantly see what all the hype is about. Excellent production, stuck-in-your-head hooks, and left of field-arrangement, all while allowing pop their sensibilities to shine through. There’s no denying, Arches has something seriously special.


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