JXCKY Shows Off His Darker Side With The Primal ‘System’

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JXCKY Shows Off His Darker Side With The Primal ‘System’

His first 2021 release following his 2020 debut with quarantine slow-jam, ‘Lockdown Lover’ and summer break-up song, ‘What’s So Good About Brandon?’

Melbourne pop artist JXCKY isn’t afraid to embrace what goes on in the shadows. After the successful release of his break-up song What’s So Good About Brandon?JXCKY wanted to embrace his primal side – the side that we often ignore. His new dark-pop single System sees JXCKY singing over pulsating, visceral production that’s a bit of a departure from his previous singles but shows off a side of JXCKY that fans might not have known exists.

From the opening notes of System, you’ll find yourself hypnotised by the bassline that’s set to put even the best speaker system to the test. If you’ve felt yourself within the clutches of someone that you didn’t want to be around anymore, then you’ll relate to JXCKY’s lyrical exorcism. He’s sick and tired of having his ex’s essence flowing through his veins, and it’s past time to become truly himself again.

Speaking about the track, JXCKY says he’s looking to wash himself clean of a past lover’s essence. “System marks the first time I’m dipping into that sinister, darker side of pop-rock. The track accentuates a growing desperation for closure and the need to cleanse one’s body free from that tight, lethal grip.” – Ben Madden 

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