Billy Reeves

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Billy Reeves

Where are you currently based?

I’m currently based in Melbourne, VIC.

What’s been happening recently?

I’ve been setting up my new studio and producing for a few local acts.

Your new album ‘Biting The Life Nectar’ is out now, what influenced the sound and songwriting for the album?

The main influences are the experiences that you hear about on the album, it influenced it even more than music I listen to.

How did you go about writing the music?

It took a lot of scrapping and starting again at points, I moved living spaces a few times while making the album so that definitely made it harder to concentrate. But in the end I’m really satisfied with how it turned out.

You’ve done an amazing job of self producing the entire album, where and when did you record/produce/master?

I started working on the beats for the album in late 2019 in my home studio, I recorded around different parts of Victoria as I was moving so much. I ended up making a few really awesome beats that I unfortunately couldn’t write anything on, the ones I wrote on worked for a reason though.

How did you approach the recording/production process?

I started recording the album in a booth in my old apartment but finished it in my bedroom at different apartment about 11 months later. I made every beat on my laptop with no additional gear since I didn’t own any instruments at the time.

What programs/equipment did you use?

I used a 2015 MacBook Pro to record and produce on Logic Pro DAW.

What did you find most challenging and rewarding throughout the period of producing?

The most challenging part by far was having things not work out how I imagined, not being able to play any instruments has its limitations. On the bright side the most rewarding parts of producing were working with so many session musicians and backing singers to bring my ideas to life.

How did you learn to self produce?

Back when I started producing in 2016 I learned the basics from this guy on YouTube called imamusicmogul, and self taught mostly after that. My strongest suit as a producer is building something grand out of a simple starting point.

You also shot your first music video, how did the concept come about?

I worked on the video with Josh Davis from Visionaire Media, it was a very organic collaborative process where some ideas were planned ahead and some we just improvised. I really love how the shots turned out, hoping to release the video some time soon.

You’ve released on vinyl for the first time as well, what are your thoughts on how your music sounds on vinyl and why did you choose to release on vinyl?

Vinyl can be tricky to get write so it was a bit of a process to get it sounding ideal, it sounds like something from 2021 and 1971 at the same time which is kinda trippy to me but I love it. I‘ve always wanted to do a proper vinyl release for an album and this was the perfect opportunity.

Where can we purchase the vinyl?

You can purchase it exclusively on my BandCamp page.

What do you like to do away from music?

Spending time with my partner and watching plenty of movies.

Who are you listening to at the moment?

Been bumping a lot of Mac Demarco and I’ve been getting really into The Avalanches.

What’s planned for 2021?

Since I’ve already dropped two projects this year I will probably just work behind the scenes on other peoples music for the rest of the year.

Favourite food and place to hangout?

I do love me a classic cheeseburger, I’m on a quest to find the best one in Melbourne. My favourite place to hang out at the moment is Fortress Tavern.

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