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Two unsuspecting friends whilst making electronic music with home-made gadgets manage to open up an interdimensional portal with code, slipping into a parallel utopian paradise they call ‘Soda State’. They quickly return to reality as digital versions of themselves. Hypnotized by what they’ve experienced, M & Tracie can’t rest until they find their way back…

Think The Blaze meets Gorillaz, Soda State is a brand-new all-encompassing dance music project and virtual band, brilliantly conceptualised and animated, totally original and are sure to be well recognised digital characters of the future.

They bring us their debut release ‘The Look’ on Potion Records, the label that is famously headed by The Magician.  This is a unique debut track, layered with 80s synths, kicking back beat and a beautiful euphoric vocal. Simultaneously contemporary and retro and a perfect slice of pop dance for those seeking a little nostalgia.

Taking influence from French House and iconic acts like Daft Punk, M83 and Duke Dumont’s Ocean Drive, Soda State incorporate the vibe and synth lines inspired by Digitalism, Cassius, Boys Noize and Gesaffelstein, all coming together to form their own inimitable signature sound.

“We want the music we create to take the listener into a place of escapism.
Lyrically, sonically and visually, there’s a sense of taking yourself away from
the world around you, whether giving yourself over to the moment or losing
yourself in a feeling of nostalgia. We call this feeling of escapism
‘The Soda State Of Mind’” – M & Tracie

The band come equipped with a fascinating back story, back in 2019, Mike “M” Ridley and Sam Tracie are in their garage recording studio in London. Using their laptops, classic analogue synths and an array of gadgets they’ve wired themselves, they stumble on a sound, a combination of 0’s and 1’s in digital code that unexpectedly opens an interdimensional portal, transporting them to an alternate reality: the Soda State.

Transformed into digital versions of themselves, M and Tracie find themselves in a utopian world. Euphoric and intoxicating feeling both nostalgic and brand new – like nothing they’ve experienced before. Immediately hooked, they vow never to leave this paradise.

Before long, they find themselves tumbling through the portal again, away from Soda State. Re-entering the human world in their digital forms. Hypnotized by what they’ve experienced, they can’t rest until they find their way back.

Now getting to grips with life in the real world as digital avatars, the friends are on a musical journey to rediscover the sound that will open the portal once more.

Soda State come to us with fascinating and highly creative imagery, they are also lovers of all things retro, think video games, fashion and of course, music. With an original video for “The Look’ in the pipeline and series of future releases already set in stone, these characters will become a common feature on the national airwaves, playlists and even performing live.
Soda State ‘The Look’ is out now on Potion Records

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