Grace Sanders Releases Single ‘Attachment Theory’ And Announces EP ‘Nothing Is Personal’

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“It’s gritty, attitude filled pop mixed with fwd thinking soul and rnb and grace pulls it off so well!” 
4 / 5 (Declan Byrne, Triple J) [About ‘Anymore’]

“Still feeling the after effects of Grace Sanders’ latest – pulse elevated and nerves on edge,
this is pacey and alive”
4 / 5 (Dave Ruby Howe, Triple J) [About ‘Anymore’]

“Her vision for writing top shelf synth pop tracks is showcased at the highest level this time around. It’s honestly some of her best work to date.”
(AAA Backstage) [About ‘Anymore’ & ‘Nothing’]

“‘Scrolling’, although forlorn, is musically forward-facing. It takes its cues from the prevailing hyper-pop movement, a kind of pop music that .. absorbs and propagates the prominent communication methods of the early 2020s.” (Beat) [About ‘Scrolling’]

‘Calling My Mother’ – 5th Most Played Track on RTR FM in 2021

“It’s a great mix of addictive basslines, sultry synths and vocals that leave you wanting more. Grace grabs your attention from the very first second and doesn’t let go.”
(Cool Accidents) [About ‘NO FAIR’]

“Let it unfold around you, slowly and intentionally, thick with melodies that become more memorable each time she repeats them.”
(Sound Doctrine) [About ‘Dissipate’]

“It’s a charming four-minutes that centres on this genre-mixing pop sound that’s full of bubbly confidence and Grace Sanders’ signature charm”
(Pilerats) [About ‘Green’]

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Once again bringing her shimmering and soulful approach to a unique blend of electro-pop, psych and R&B inspired grooves, Boorloo/Perth artist Grace Sanders unveils her blissful new song, ‘Attachment Theory’ on September 16 and announces ‘Nothing Is Personal’ EP (Out October 28).

Having recently completed a huge tour with Great Gable presented by Triple J, Across The Road and Select Music, Grace is a seasoned performer, who has also wowed crowds alongside Psychedelic Porn Crumpets, Grevious Bodily Calm, Tanaya Harper, Dulcie and Adrian Dzvuke.

The follow-up to her latest release ‘Anymore’ and B-Side track ‘Nothing’, ‘Attachment Theory’ is an earnest and effortlessly flowing track from a sophisticated artist who continues to go from strength to glorious strength with every move she makes.

‘Attachment Theory’ begins with a slowly unravelling melody that moves with ease, ensuring Grace’s lush vocals elegantly weave over and above the masterful production (a collaborative effort from herself and Ezekiel Padmanabham). The sentimental R&B-inspired soundscape soars with purpose toward a beautifully textured breakdown glittering with surprising percussive gems, before melting into charming layered harmonies and unbridled brilliance that instantly warms the heart. And if it weren’t for the cheeky inclusion of ‘missing the ‘D” at the very end of the lyrics, this could almost be a Grace Sanders song for the whole family to enjoy.

The new single ‘Attachment Theory’ takes its name from a popular psychological theory that is currently trending on Tiktok, and has become quite a hot topic of conversation. The theory explores how relationships formed during childhood with giving and receiving love inform our relationships with others as we continue to grow older, in a kind of ripple effect.

Grace has used this as a point of reference for her new song, reflecting that: “The way our relationships and breakups in adulthood can mirror some of those early experiences and become an avenue for reflecting on the version of ‘self’ we become in the context of ‘others’.”

Support for Grace Sanders’ work continues to grow with each release, already having won over the likes of Triple J, Double J, Triple J Unearthed, NME, Tone Deaf, The Music, Cool Accidents, AU Review, Acid Stag, Pilerats, Spotify Playlists and many more.

Prepare to get (securely) attached to the new song from Grace Sanders – ‘Attachment Theory’ is out on September 16 with ‘Nothing Is Personal’ EP set for release on October 28.


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