Boiling Hot New Single From Project Bexx ‘Don’t Touch Me’

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“The new clip for ‘Thicc’ sees the club-circuit stalwart team up with women and non-binary performers from Perth’s local cultural scenes to deliver a bright, bold and high-energy dose of body-positive visuals for this d-floor banger.”
(RAGE, ABC) [About ‘Thicc’]

“BEXX sounds like a certified showstopper on this track. Such a commanding statement.”
4 / 5 (Dave Ruby Howe, Triple J) [About ‘Thicc’]

“Absolutely owning this.”
4 / 5 (Zan Rowe, Triple J) [About ‘Thicc’]

“all three of these bexx uploads are hi energy pop slices to give you a real boost!”
4 / 5 (Declan Byrne, Triple J)

“BEXX’s music is some of the most exciting we’ve come across in Perth’s last twelve months, let alone in the niche pocket of club-ready dance music she specialises in. She’s a star, and as soon as WA artists begin their descent to the east coast for gigs, everyone else is going to see that too.”

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‘Don’t Touch Me’ is a boiling-hot, rage-fuelled dance anthem from the Boorloo/Perth-based electronic/dance artist and absolute boss b*tch Project Bexx. Light a match on September 16 alongside the accompanying music video, this one is going to spread like wildfire.

Winner of the WAM award for Best Live Electronic Act 2021, producer, performance artist, DJ and all-round powerhouse that is Project BEXX supported none other than Tame Impala and Pond within only 6 months of launching as a musician. Since then, she and her band have gone on to play to crowds with The Presets, Shockone, Luke Million, Kilter, Cosmos Midnight, Peking Duk, G Flip, Ruel, playing Ice Cream Factory Summer Festival and more, as well as being a highly sought-after act to play raves, parties and other events around WA.

Her first single for 2022 following last year’s badass banger ‘Thicc’, and two collabs called ‘Run This Town’ (with Tina Says) and ‘Together (with SOLSTA), ‘Don’t Touch Me’ is yet another impressive release from this showstopping MC that has already been nominated for WAM award’s Song Of The Year.

‘2, 4, 6, 8, Everything I see, I hate’ is the strong opening lyric for the new single ‘Don’t Touch Me’. With plenty of attitude that implies BEXX has no time for bullsh*t, this song is like bottled anger, shaken up and released in an energetic tirade of fast-paced spoken word vocals delivering their powerful message. AI narration and infectious synth beats make this song a signature crowd-pleasing danceable tune, but one with plenty of substance. Intended to be a shared anthem for anger at systemic oppression, capitalism and mental health, this is a track that listeners can sing along to at the top of their lungs.

Writing the song was a necessary cathartic release from a time when she felt there wasn’t much happiness to be found in the world. Following its creation, BEXX discovered a weight was lifted and she could again start to see the positives in life again. She hopes the song does the same for those who listen.

BEXX elaborates, saying she hopes ‘Don’t Touch Me’ “empowers anyone who listens to it to feel like the master of their own life, and that they can dismantle any systems or situations where they want to see change. It’s all about that POWER, STRENGTH & PASSION baby.”

Accompanying the track is the abstract and ominous music video that explores power and who holds it in society. Following members of the band, they are auctioned off, with their freedoms sold to a group of anonymous gold masked bidders as BEXX notes:

“These masked figures can represent whoever or whatever the viewer sees them as, because really it is just a comment on how there are systems and people in society which control those below them.”

Co-directed with Tay Kaka, with a handful of help from the team of performers, BEXX hopes to inspire and empower people to fight back against these figures in power and reclaim control back over their lives.

Turning heads across the media landscape with that power, strength and passion through her iconic brand of electronic music and impeccable high-energy live performances, Project Bexx has received support from Triple J Unearthed, RAGE, Xpress Mag, Pilerats, AAA Backstage, Scenestr, and more.

This huge anthemic new track from Project BEXX, ‘Don’t Touch Me’ will be unleashed on September 16.

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